GE cafe dual fuel mini review

tunafish76December 28, 2012

Since I was looking all over about the info on this range I thought I would share my experience.
Had this range for 3 weeks and today it went back to the store... Also today I placed an order on Bluestar RPB series.
GE was not a bad range, but for me it just was not what I was looking for.
Maybe i was too picky, don't know.
Fit and finish is nice, feels solid. Design however looks like it is a regular range, nothing brutal about it.
SS finish on the cooktop is easily cleaned but it is a MESS. I mean you can see every splatter. almost never a clean stove look. But cleaning is easy
20K burner is a joke, on max it shoots so much flame to the sides that I could never use it on the max. totally marketing gimmick. the double staked burner (the same one) is tricky sometimes, where mid setting with outer ring on is too much and next step to the small ring is already too little heat. Simmer is solid on every burner.
Oven is pretty good. Fast heating, even baking with convection. Convection roasting is also cool. Broiling is your garden variety... $800 have the same broiler. Never used bottom oven - I think it is useless. Control panel is intuitive and has nice features. I'm positive will miss it in bluestar. Oven temp is pretty accurate after 325 degrees. Lower temps have greater variations.
Ask questions if you are interested in this range. I went with 15K options on bluestar since it is hard to justify 2 22K burners for $1200 more. I don't think you can wok on 22K and on top of this wok inside. and probably can wait couple more mins for water to boil compared to 22K. I have a 125K Btu LP wok burner outside and it's hard for me to comprehend how 20% of this heat will get you anywhere trying to stir fry anything properly. Will see how would it sear.

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