Who did your built-ins?

chris11895November 12, 2012


We're trying to decide which kitchen cabinet company we should go with and I'm looking for input on how others did built-in cabinets throughout the rest of the house. Did you have the kitchen company make them? Or a different finish carpenter? Or did your GC do it? The company I love is pricey. We can afford to pay the extra $$ for the kitchen and given this is going to be our forever house, I'm feeling like we should since I love this company so much. But if I have to use them for the whole house it will just bring us way over budget.

There's another company that came in cheaper and we would be able to use them for the whole house. However, I want a hand painted finish in the kitchen and while they said they could do it, they never have and I'm worried about being their first. What would you do or what have you done?

Thanks in advance for any input!


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We didn't build, but we did a gut reno of 5600 sq feet and built another 2000 ... so it just feels like we did!

We had all our built ins done by a carpenter, one of a few we interviewed through our GC. When it comes to issues like specialty finishes, IMHO, that is where quality shows. I think there are a lot of bad specialty finishes out there. Most of them are just too overwrought to look as they should.

I would not compromise on the kitchen cabs.

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Thanks, Mtn! I'm going to ask my GC about finish carpenters.

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The architect did drawings of all our built-ins and the finish carpenter did them. Basically he did the big wall of cabinetry in our family room, my little office area, and the cubbies/bench in the mudroom. Everything else was our cabinet company. He did a fantastic job. He also did an amazing job with our closets...he on the spot designed a built-in storage system for all of dd's AG dolls and accessories.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We had a custom cabinet shop do our kitchen and master bath. We had 2 different stock cabinet cos do the built ins in DH study and my craft room. The guest bath vanity was from green demolitions, and all the built ins and mantle in the library were stick built by our carpenter. Closet guts were done by a closet co.

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we spent a lot of time going through the drawing stage of our house's cabinetry with one company because our architect strongly recommended them. a few things began to leave a bad taste in my mouth and so we asked our builder for other recommendations. upon pursuing this other company, and touring the "factory" of both companies, we immediately knew we had to go with the builder's recommendation--an Amish outfit that has very good work ethic, a solid product, and a better price. we only have two pieces installed so far, but i've been nothing but pleased with them from the very beginning. we did look into kitchen design companies and the various places like kraft maid, wood-mode, etc., but wouldn't get as much, or as custom, for our budget. in the end, i hired a kitchen designer to help me with details because i've wanted a look that isn't common. he's been amazing and, between his detail-oriented advice, and the carpenters making our cabinets, i think we're in good hands.
we did have our carpenters do our bookcases, bunk beds, etc., but called on a specialty carpenter to do the library bookcases.

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