Patriotic Star wreath

donnas_gwApril 23, 2009

Here's a picture of my star wreath. I posted one earlier with a plaid homespun bow at the bottom. I decided to take that off and add the jute with more stars hanging from the wreath. The large star at the top of the jute was made that way, I just painted it. The one under that one, I used 3 different sized stars, painted them and glued one ontop of the other. The last 3 I only painted.

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How great....I love stars and will make a door deco before Memorial day for sure.

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Turned out really nice Donnas, good job. It will be perfect for Memorial Day and the 4th, but actually you can use it year round as Americana decorating. Luvs

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Thanks twomonths and luvstocraft. Actually, it's still on my door right now. I'll probably keep it there for awhile. I had to put a couple of round magnets on the backs of some of the hanging stars so they would lay straight.

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Nice job! Don't worry about the stars being straight. It looks more natural the way you have them...

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Very nice.

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It pops out on the white door! Very nice!

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