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kiddApril 27, 2009

What is your best seller at craft show? And what is the most you will pay for a booth?


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You will find all kinds of things people sell. From crochet to metalworking.

I am a metalworker so I make all my products from steel. And by having only one basic line, I can honestly say I don't have any particular item, but it all works together.

As far a space fees go, it would all depend on the level of show we do. Some school shows will charge $25 for a table. Some will go to $100 for a 10x10 space. Some professional promoters charge upwards of $500+ for a 10x10 space with two chalk marks on the floor and a plug.

Me? I do all of the above types of shows.

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The best seller at any craft show is the item no other crafter has. The ORIGINAL item! To sell what is the best seller by others does nobody any good. And if you have an original item, you don't care if buy/sell is there or not.

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WHen I Did craft shows ...I sold stained glass suncatchers . Mine were different because most stained glass things were made from patterns , they were flat & foiled ---- mine were 3-D and lead wrapped -- detailed with wire and gems - stuff people oooh-ed and ahhh-ed at . . I also had them either nickel or gold plated - which no one else had. To top it off - mine were all original ideas ... things that no one has ever seen before. ( And my prices were very reasonable ) I always had a crowd in my booth . I wish I could have gone "big time" ... I would have made a killing . I had to stick to the one day local craft events . The most expensive booth I paid for was $80 . I Sooooo regret not being able to do more . The reason was ... I had to do it alone. The glass & displays were too much for me to handle. If I would have had help .... I know I could have been super successful. I Still have the talent , the materials and the fresh ideas ... I just don't have the support of anyone to help me.

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I'm currently making stained glass stuff with solar lights. I have one small outlet that is taking me to the cleaners .... but if I don't sell them - where do I go ?

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