graduation card box holder

deb_flApril 30, 2006

does anyone have any ideas for a graduation card holder box.... for a girl sister has given me the task to make one for my niece...also wants a pillow possibly shaped in a pointed shoe for everyone to sign...

any suggestions would be great!!!

I am a old time poster...glad its free again...I did pay for one year but my finances made this be the one to cut back on to meet my budget!!! but have been coming and reading once in a while ...but it drove me crazy not to be able to post...especially when someone was asking for help that I could of helped with...


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Sorry, I have no suggestions but I wanted to say Welcome Back. Hopefully, this board will get going again.

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Is there going to be a theme to the party, Debi? That will make choosing the decoration for the card box easier...
Luau theme - a pineapple with a slot in side
College theme - a campus building
Present HS theme - mortarboard resting on black box with slot

...and so on. Let us know when she chooses a theme and I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas!

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I took a large round paper mache box and cut a square piece of cardboard to fit on top so that it looked like a graduation hat. Glue the square on the lid of the round box.I cut a slit in the top slightly off to the side, to drop the cards in. I painted the box her school color and made the tassle out of embrodery floss. I used a wooden plug to represent the "button" on top and put the "tassle" on top. I used 2004 stickers to decorate the bottom part.
I hope this makes sense.
She then used the box to store the cards in later. She has it packed away or I would take a picture of it.
Any questions, please ask.

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thank you!
I am glad to be back!!!
my sister doesn't have a theme...I tried to get her to have one...she is not a party person at all...very shy so...this is very hard for her..unfortunately I am in another state so I can't take over the planning... only thing she was asking for was a pointe shoe autograph pillow for everyone to sign

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Why not use a birdcage, like a lot of people do for weddings? It's easy for people to slide the cards inside and you could use miniature clothespins or clips and put school pictures of the graduate on it.

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How about using a mailbox? I made one for my friend to use at her wedding at it went over well. I just bought a white mailbox from a home improvement store and decorated it with lace, pearls, and wedding stuff. You could paint it the school colors or put stickers and pictures all over it with ribbons the school colors. I will be doing this for my son's graduation next year.


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