Beading with Buttons

kiddApril 2, 2008

In the July 07Bead Style magazine shows jewelry made with buttons. It's called a button blossom has anyone made one of these or makes jewelry using buttons? Where can I find nice seed beads? Where can I find display items at a good price? Also having problems with the migical crimper, can't get it to make the balls.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I haven't make the piece your speaking of but would love to see it. I have made jewelry and such out of buttons for quite a while.
You can find nice seed beads in several online places...

and the advertisers in the magazines are also wonderful leads on good product as well.

A good price on display items for me come from NileCorp. you can also purchases pieces on eBay and the other websites I mentioned before.

I'm not sure what a magical crimper is but using a crimper properly does take some practice to make perfect.You can check on the "How To's" on any of the websites I listed above for help.

Hope this helps a bit...

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Kidd, I don't make the jewelry but do use seed beads in some of my crafts. I've seen a nice selection of seed beads right at Walmart. They have the black ones (of course) but they also have all different colors and the irresdescent ones which I think are super pretty. They also have them at Michael's and Joann's, Hobby Lobby, etc. I too would love to see your creations when you've made them. I think the handmade jewelry is awesome, they carry all the goodies for it at Michael's too.


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