gaggenau steam oven uneven cooking?

michoumonsterDecember 26, 2013

Hi all, Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!
I have been using my gaggenau steam oven and it is great. I made 4 cornish hens today which came out super moist and yummy. However, I only have one gripe which is that it cooks very unevenly. the right side of the oven cooks faster. I bypassed this issue by rotating the food, but hope i wouldn't have to do this since I thought electric ovens should be better than this. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there some way to calibrate it? The manual does have a calibration procedure, but I performed that already, and I think it was just for the hard water.. I cannot tell where the burners are located. thank you!!

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You don't mention which Gaggenau steam oven you have. There are 2 different models. One is a plumbed version and the other is a water tank version.
They are very different in their build and where the heaters are located.

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Hi Jakvis, my oven is the plumbed version. it is the discontinued model ed220 27" aluminum.
thank you!

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We have the discontinued 24" version. We haven't used
it very much yet (just moved back in Thanksgiving), but
we noticed when roasting veggies that the front right corner
get a bit overdone. Sorta unexpected, since the heat
comes from the left. I'm wondering whether it is the
heat from the halogen oven light.

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attofarad, i think you might be right. mine also heats things faster on the right side, maybe more towards the right front.
i read the manual and it did mention that the light is turned off at lower temps, but on higher temps, the light also contributes to the cooking. this seems like a design flaw since the light is not centrally located..? i wonder if there is a way to even out the temps on both sides, like putting a mirror in there or something?

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On the plumbed version the heater is on the left behind the cover and the heat blows out the back and I think bottom of the cover and circulates back to the middle of the cover. You also need to make sure the grease filter is clean to ensure non-restictive airflow.

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Hi Jakvis, thanks so much for the info! I will check the grease filter. I never cleaned it since install. though i haven't used the oven all that much to accumulate a lot of grease, but it doesn't hurt to clean it. thank you!

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