I painted a suitcase, too :)

sweets98April 23, 2007

I did this about two weeks ago. Luvs photo made me decide to share for others to inspire them, also!

I decorate in Primitive country so I wanted something to go with that. I fell in love with penny rugs and had seen one with a grouping of Prim things and that's what I decided to do. I painted items that I like.

I still need to paint the handle and locks and stuff and seal you can at least see my painting. I think this is going to sit on the porch for the summer :)

My Saltbox house really isn't crooked. The suitcase is sort of pushed in on the top so it appears that way!

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Awesome, I just love your suitcase. Great jop on the painting. I think it will look great on your front porch.

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Sweets, that is so cute. I love Prim style too--the designs are always so cute. Good painting on it too--lots of little details.

Do me a favor, and post it in the gallery on the Painting forum too, would you? We love having inspiration pics on there for anyone who comes by.

Suitcases are a fun surface to work on--and can be displayed just about anywhere--good for extra storage too. ;o)


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Yes, please post it on the painting forum for the other girls to see. You know I'm a prim fan too so love your design. Thanks for sharing it. I know you will get lots of admiration from visitors to your porch. ~Anj

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sweets98 your suitecase is so cute and you did a beautiful job painting, I agree would look so cute on a porch!
Happy Crafting

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