my first bread - Barnyard Rye

sleevendogJanuary 24, 2014

Might just be beginners luck. What a success.
I think i get storm anxiety, so last week, with a snow storm advancing, i spent the day cooking. A beef stew, ground some grains for crackers, and sent a pic to Mr Sleeve of a rich multi-grain pullman loaf hopping he would study it and make it during the storm day together...between shoveling.
He made it to work fine, so i made it using a few recipes i found. Made a sponge, soaked a couple cups of mixed grains, and made bread. Three loaves. One a pullman, one in a clay thing, and a flat disc Finnish style. I expected some doorstops but it has good soft moist crumb yet holds up to a slice of goat cheese or a gorgonzola, with a slice of prosciutto or smoked salmon...just what i was looking for.
Now i need to write down what i did. DH is requesting the recipe...
I didn't even know i had a pullman loaf pan until i started researching. I had no idea what that thing was. (the sides fold down). Now i really want a 4x4x18 inch that has a sliding lid.

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Hearty congratulations!

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Very nice loaves. Now I want a Pullman Pan.


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Your bread looks great! I SO miss baking with gluten and being able to knead. :O)

I LOVE my pullman pan (from KAF) but it doesn't fold down on the sides. That's really cool! I've never seen a pan like it.

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Your beautiful loaves of bread is inspiring me to do some 7 grain bread.

I can vouch for the Pullman Pan, I have the larger one from KA and have used it for several years, would not want to be without it. I usually make KA's recipe of Maple-Oatmeal Bread, from August 2005, page 12, Baking Sheet. My personal addition to it is 1/4 tsp KA maple favoring and 1 tsp of KA carmel color.

Good time management you had on a winter day!!


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Good for you.Looks good--there's nothing like the tasty of a hearty rye when it's cold & nasty outside & the whole house smells good with the baking.


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Mr Sleeve has been baking since childhood. His mother taught him. I have rarely paid much attention. If i say we or i it is really 'him'. My impute is usually what style he should bake and open the oven for the hot pot going in. MIL gave him the clay pot years ago. The pullman must have been from a yard sale.
I'm going to start another sponge tonight.

The Sponge

1 cup white whole wheat (i used King Arthur, what we have)
1/2 cup dark rye (i have Bob's Red Mill)
1/2 tsp rapid yeast (we have Red Star active dry yeast)
1 warm cup water

Stir, cover, and let rest 6-24 hrs.

The Grain

1 1/2 cup mixed grain, (Bob's Red mill 7-10 grain would work)
I used what i have and could find. 1tbsp each of brown rice, farro, freekeh, coarse corn,
quinoa, hemp, flax seed, chia, toasted sesame, mustard seed, pepitas.
I ground it in a blender to a course meal. A bit finer than Bob'sRMill.

Stir in 1 cup warm water till wet and thick. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

(-then i started to sweat when DH went to work wed morning and i was on my own)

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I've only used the KitchenAid a couple times. Worked like a charm.

I bookmarked two recipes as a guide but didn't really follow much. Except for the sponge.

The Recipe

1 1/2 cup warm water
-i added 1 tbsp each of...
expresso powder
cocoa powder
olive oil

in a mixer add to

3 cups white whole wheat
1/2 cup dark rye
1/2 cup corn flour
1 tsp yeast
1 tsp sea salt

Blend on low for 5-6 minutes
Cover with damp cloth and rest for 20 min.
Add soaked grain, blend 2 min
Add sponge, kneed on low for 5 min

It was a wet mess so i added 1/4 cup flour a little at a time...still sticky but formed a wet sloppy ball-ish
Cover and let rise to double in size.
-I used the oven with the light on.

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It rose! I made a mess. Should have wet my hands but got it out on a heavily floured pastry marble and cut into 35-45-20. (aprox)
35% i managed a square, rolled and folded and pinched. Oiled the pullman and dusted with rye and plopped in seam down
45% i did similar for the clay pot but put it on parchment
20% boule i left on the counter on parchment and covered with the mixing bowl.
sprinkled all with chia, pepitas, sesame, and flax and let rise again

The pullman and the clay pot were in the oven when Mr Sleeve came home...
I had wet fingers making a hole in the center of the boule and swirling wide...he tried to discourage that and gave all sorts of reasons that i should not have listened to...
It was working as a Finnish style rye. Obviously not as great as the one at the UnionSqMarket, but i was on to something. That action deflates it but it was still light and crusty...baked on parchment in the enameled cast iron.

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