i have old patterns of garfield & ziggy

karen4158January 9, 2005

if you are interested in wanting these old garfield and ziggy patterns, please feel free to email me, i was wishing some of you nice people would send me all the EMS babies and EMS bears at work. hope to hear from you all soon.

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...spent the ENTIRE afternoon lookin for weblinks to 'Paragon Needlecraft' (for ziggy-patterns)
but found none!
Hope you have 'better-luck' with the EMS patterns! =)

(i have some precious-moment ones, garfield, carebears and a few pieces of ziggy, which ive recently fallen in love with..[which is why im actively looking for more]...i stay all the way over in singapore now, thats why im not audacious enough to ask if i could have the ziggy-patterns...
but simply-lovely =) anyways knowing someone has them and has so generously offered it up if anyone wants them =)
Thank you!

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I'm interested in the old garfield patterns. pls email to chunk150@yahoo.com. thanks!

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At the official website you can get a few of Ellens designs in the download area. Here is the link:


and at www.patternsonline.com are ALL her other animal babies patterns.

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Hi, I was just asking if you were still prepared to send out the garfield charts you have?
I have nothing to exchange but my thanks.

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I'm intersted in the garfield and ziggy patterns.

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If you still have Garfield patterns to share, please e-mail to redmatti@comcast.net. Let me know your current interests and I'll see what I have to share.


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