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lawmarApril 17, 2007

Hi. My nephew is getting married in December. My sister and I are trying to come up with some good ideas for wedding favors. What are some of your ideas? Would appreciate it if you would share with me. Thanks!

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Have you looked on the Wedding forum? There are quite a lot of ideas there. Do a search and you will see many discussions and great creative ideas.

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We made a CD of the wedding music and the key reception songs - first dance, etc...that was with the place cards, so each fmaily got one copy. At each seat, we made chcocolates with a bride & groom dricing away in a car with a 'just married' sign and cans trailing behind. It was about 2/3 the size of a full size candy bar, and we put two in each cello bag - one milk chocolate and one dark chocolate. We made the chocolates far in advance and kept them in the refrigerator so we could make them ahead.

It worked out great!

Did you have anything specific in mind? What season is the wedding in? What are the colors and/or theme?

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Thank you for your suggestions. The wedding is December 28 and her colors are red and black. The candy bars sound really cute and easy too!!! I will definitely keep that idea in mind.

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Someone recently showed me the bookmark she got as a wedding favor. It was beautifully printed, paper, pictures, fonts. I believe it was laminated and had a pretty ribbon attached. On one side it had things about the bridal couple (picture, date of wedding) on the other side was a word; hers said FINANCE and a scripture relating to finance was below it. Each guest was asked to use the bookmark and pray for couple over the years to come. So my friend is praying over their finances, someone else would pray over their health, etc. I'm sure you could use the fruits of the spirit for words - everyone at the table would get a different word! And the couple will be covered with prayer!

I was thinking of doing this for my DD's baby shower.

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My son & dil were married last Dec. One of the ideas we bounce around was having a Christmas tree (religion permitting) and making ornaments and having them pick them off of the tree. What they did give out were shot glasses with thier names etc. I put them in a cream satin bag and put greens with berries for detail. My daughter that was married in January made her husbands favorite cookie along with her grandmothers peanut brittle that she remembered her making when she was little. Very personal and everyone loved them. most didn't make it out of the reception.

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When my son got married, we painted river rocks with the guests names and table numbers instead of placecards. As favors, we made personalized candles with their names.

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Our daughter is getting married in October. So it will be a Fall wedding. She wants lilies in her wedding. We are trying to find the instructions on how to make Washcloth Calla Lily. Does anyone know how to make them?

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