severe weather and newly poured foundation- risk?

illinigirlNovember 17, 2013

Our foundation walls were poured friday afternoon. I don't know if they have been stripped yet. Guy on Friday said they might strip them on saturday but I haven't been out there to check.

Today there is likely severe weather in our area, winds gusts at 50+ and tornado watches. Our foundation is open to these winds because it's facing south and winds coming from due south.

Are we at risk of damage to the foundation walls because it's new and not cured yet? If the forms are still up does that help?

thanks! Just worrying.

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Hi, Illinigirl, we are in NE IL and the weather just went through, wasn't as strong wind and hail here as we feared but the rain dumped; we took pictures of the flooded spots so we know exactly where to change land/hard-scape pitches. Thinking of you and your new house!

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Thinking of my midwest and west michigan friends today! Stay safe, it's coming!! Illinois got hit hard in some parts, and it's headed this way.

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Thinking of you too! Was it braced? I'd think it would be okay by now. Dh is going out right now to put a few more staples in some of the tyvek that was loose...

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autumn I don't know if they took the braces off yesterday or not. I hope they knew about the weather and didn't. it struck me as surprising they would even consider it since it was saturday. Nothing we can do, and at this point, safety is #1 concern anyways.

What's it like by you? I'm watching woodtv8 live streaming and they say they couldn't even see the lighthouse!

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Maybe your guys work for the NFL on weekends...crazy dudes started the Bears game with this storm minutes away! Hope you're not near Washington IL, looks awful there.

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It seemed okay and then wind and crazy rain came up in an instant. A few limbs down. We still have power here but at the new house the neighbors are out. More water on the subfloor but no wind damage thus far. How about you?

Hoping the crew figured they would take the braces off on Monday!

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Well we drove out there and they had indeed come on Saturday and took off the braces. The foundation seemed fine but there was a lot of water in the frost wall trenches and actually all around the basement level too. I'm not sure if that can cause erosion of the dirt underneath the foundation walls. Anyone know? And I sure hope everything drains away before everything freezes. frozen water near foundation doesn't sound like a good mix.

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Illini-I think it's supposed to stop and be mostly dry this week so hopefully it will dry out. Are you on sand or clay or a mix? I don't know the answer to that but I hope someone on here does.

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It seems very clay-wish to me but there are spots of sand here and there. Kind of funny because it's 1.5 miles from where we are now and we are on pure sand now.

Still getting some powerful winds...... Eek.... feels like our roof is going to blowing off.

Glad to hear things are looking good for you. What I'd your completion date supposed to be roughly? We are supposed to be mid to end of June.

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What makes concrete strong is the chemical process of hydration. Curing is the term used for protecting it while hydration occurs to make sure water does not evaporate instead of react chemically. The weather would have to be very dry and windy for curing to be an issue for a wall.

Unless your house in on an exposed mountain peak I can't imagine how a wind storm could damage it unless a large tree is close enough to fall on it. If the concrete has hydrated enough for the forms to be removed it is probably strong enough to withstand such an impact and in such a case the forms would probably not have protected it much.

Rainwater in the excavation is OK as long as it appeared after the pour of the footing.

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Well good - renovator showed up with some helpful info! :) It sounds like it should be fine!

We were on a mix in the old house but mostly clay - new one is 3.5 miles away and it's 100% sand. If we were in clay we wouldn't even be able to walk up the driveway with all of this rain. It would be a slick soupy mess! The wind was incredible wasn't it? Branches down but no large trees that I could tell (in the dark). I hope all is well by you.

edit: Our goal (remember we are gcing so........) is by spring break. We lost 3 weeks so far with it sitting waiting on framing and then several days more due to constant rain. Otherwise things have moved along pretty well.

This post was edited by Autumn.4 on Mon, Nov 18, 13 at 7:35

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Thank you renovator8! We've been dealing with or own power outage last night through this evening..... The project manager says everything looks perfect today and none of the water is cause for problems or concerns.

Autumn that is a great timeline! Almost 3 months ahead of us. You must be working quickly!

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Sounds good!

Well we broke ground Sept 9 so similar timing to you then. We'll see how far we slip from our goal. :)

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