Profanity at craft shows

christopherhApril 28, 2013

I'm on another forum, and a poster said the following:
I made some subversive message bead-bracelets to sell. They have cuss words and for-adults-only sayings (use your imagination).
So far I have only sold them to some girlfriends- and they're a hit. But I'd like to sell them at craft shows and a street fair I am participating in over the Summer- where I am sure there will be kids present.

My question/Need Advice: How should I display them as NOT to offend anyone- and hide them from kids eyes...but still have them visible enough to sell?

My Display Idea: I was planning on taking an old wood crate and putting a pin-up girl image on it with a little sign that says "For Adults Only" or....something like that?

Also, I have placed each bracelet in a little cellophane bag -they're not "loose".

Personally I find this garbage to be offensive, and I was told by the moderator it isn't.

What say you?

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Trashy! She could sell them at home parties & leave family type places alone.

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I agree completely... I can't imagine the show directors will allow it - it doesn't belong where families are present! One alternative is to have a sign - "ask me about....." Then have a business card with the URL of a website (it can be facebook) where they can go. It doesn't belong at a show... I was next to a t-shirt booth that had F - you on them - they were asked to leave when I brought it up to the people in charge... We have to think with our brains sometimes rather than the almighty $$$.

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You copied a post from another forum to this forum. Are you asking if that original post was offensive? Unless they also posted pictures of the items I think they worded their question pretty delicately to avoid offending anyone.

As for their question, I agree with sunny and bonnie, I wouldn't want to see the items out in the open.

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I don't personally think much of her craft, but I think it was ok for her to ask the question. I imagine she's gotten all kinds of feedback.

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I just wouldn't want to be next to her as I was with the t-shirts a few years ago...

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