A note to the 'copyright police'

NiiteMajickJanuary 24, 2005

A little note to the person who told Jennifer from Dragon Dreams that I was violating copyright.... I'm sure you had good intentions, but you might want to READ my original post. I SPECIFICALLY stated that I was NOT looking for copies. I was asking for print-outs that someone was finished with or did not want any more. Fortunately, Jennifer CAN read, and was easily able to see that I was NOT violating copyright. Before you go trying to cause trouble for someone, get your facts straight. I DO understand the issues with illegal copies, but, again, I was NOT asking for illegal copies. My post was NOT ambiguous in any way, and that's why Jennifer was not bothered by it when she came here to read it. So... you tried to cause a problem, and it didn't work. I suggest you leave people alone if you can't even READ what they post before you go "tattling" on them. Thank you for showing me that THIS board is not for me. I see too much of this nonsense when I come here. You "police types" go jumping on people all the time, very often without reason. Get a life. I won't be posting here again. It's not worth it.

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oh thats too bad its a pity people dont have anything better to do with thier time i wonder if the offer of a free tshirt or free cross stitch kit is to great a reward for these type of people its just soooo sad

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