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eileenlaunonenApril 26, 2008

Hi im from the recipe exchange forum...May 31st Im hosting my brother and sil 40th surprise anniversay party there will be 4 tables of 10 so I need 4 centerpieces Id like to do something unique not the same ol flower arrangement I was pondering the thought of incorporating pictures from there lifetime together thats as far as I got..any suggestions welcome! Thanks Eileen

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That's a great idea. If you know what her wedding bouquet was like, maybe you could duplicate that into the scheme, as well as any other memorabilia. What about their cake topper? It would be nice to have a picture of them with one of those mats that can be written on and have family and friends say something special about them. It wouldn't have to be overdone, but you are on the right track. Have pictures of their kids and grandkids, was he a veteran? Maybe finding some letters he had written could be tucked in there. I would place a cake with their topper on it, wedding photo, her bouquet, and blossoms scattered across the table with greenery. Maybe weave some ribbon in the colors you choose to be an anchor for underneath the other things, that's my idea. Good luck and congrats to them on their 40th anniversary.

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You might consider buying 4 of the 8' greenery garlands from the craft store-just greens-no flowers. This would be placed down the center of each table. I'd place one of those tall cylinder clear glass vases in the middle of the garland-(or 3 of the smaller ones per table)..stuff with plastic or fresh roses in your color of choice, then fill completely with water. This magnifies the flowers so it looks awesome. You can even float a votive candle on the top-or go to a bakery..methinks they have the number 40 on a long plastic stem-which you could place in the vase to top it off..
Then, have photocopies made of their wedding photo (say a 3x5) & frame them (clear acrylic frames?), place 2 per table-amid the garland, as well as other momentos of their lives together.
You could also make the 40 on circles of cardstock, glitter them & cut the circles out & strew them amongst the garland.

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I think it's wonderful you're asking us on this forum to help you make the decorations for your brother's and SIL's anniversary party. There's great talent here and hopefully you'll be able to use some of it.

Here's my idea - using "your" idea of the photos:
(pls know that I'm no expert at giving instructions for things as patterns, but bear with me, I think you'll get the gist of what I'm talking about, LOL -- YUP, I took the time and made a pic for you using my Word Program - that curly stuff on top of the flower pot is Spanish Moss, ha, ha - it was fun to do it)!

Using a 6" or larger flower pot, either plain terra cotta or already enamel painted (check Walmart Garden Center area, they come in very pretty colors)...

Cut to shape and glue floral foam inside the pot - the foam should come to within a couple inches of the top of the pot. Mod Podge Glue is great for projects - not as thin and watery as Elmer's glue. Note that if you just cut a square piece of the floral form and push it inside the pot so the edges get against the pot, it should hold pretty well, glue in place at the corners if need be.

Buy pre-cut Alphabet sticker letters (in the scrapbooking/sticker section at craft stores such as Michael's or Joann's craft stores) and peel them off and spell their names out on the pots. Underneath their names, put the date using the alphabet/number stickers. You should be able to find some wedding/anniversery picture stickers also to go under the date.

Glue "Spanish Moss" (looks like grass and comes in either a beige/tan color or dark green color) onto the floral foam to cover it up.

Either use coat hangers and cut the wire with wire snips, or, purchase thick gauge wire (at Michael's in the bead/jewelry craft section) to different size lengths - bend the end to look like a little "shepard's hook." The premade wire comes in different colors, also bronze, silver, gold, etc. The premade wire is also very easy to bend (Can't make a bend - place it over a can and use that as a guide, pressing it down.) at the curved end of the wire - bend it up a little bit to make a hook - put aside for now.

Your pics - you can take them to a place like Staples Office Supplies and get them copied so as not to destroy the originals. I'd say to make them about wallet size or just a tish bit larger.

Get different colored cardstock and cut out a rectangular shape larger than your pics - cut the edges using "decortive edge scissors" - or - hot glue "cording" (at Joann's Fabric Store or Walmart) or something similar (tiny lace, etc.) around the edge of the cardstock - punch a hole near the top of the card stock (to insert a ribbon to hang) and then positiion and glue your pic onto the cardstock (below the hole). You could decorative cut the edges of the pics also if they're too big or you just like the look of the cut. You can also glue the pic onto the cardstock and then outline it using rick-rack or other edging.

Note this also before punching the hole - when you put ribbon or whatever you use through the hole, the pic is going to swirl around. If you don't want that to happen, instead of punching a hole in the cardstock, using a crafter's knife, cut two slits into the cardstock - about 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide - about 1/2 inch apart to slip the ribbon through the back of each slit and then tie it into a bow in front - leave a little bit of a ribbon looped in the back so you can slip it onto the bent up hooked end part of the wire. I would use thin "curling ribbon" for the bows - it'll be easier to tie and you can curl the ties.

Put some hot glue or Mod Podge onto the end of the shepards hooks you made and stick them in the pot, into the floral foam - the glue will hold them in place.

Tie the ribbon onto the hooked part of the wire or just slip the looped part of the ribbon over the hook to hang the pics.

You can also find some very nice precut small fabric/faux flowers at Michael's - look for the Martha Stewart craft section and glue them onto the Spanish Moss.

Does all this make sense - I hope so. Have fun with whatever you make. Hope you'll share pics of your centerpieces. I'd love to see them.


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Wow great help thanks you guys have great ideas

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Eileen, I posted my suggestion on the Cooking forum.

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