Can I use semi gloss paint as a primer?

textilejoApril 11, 2011

I'm making wooden hanging "kids on a swing" and I would like to use up a lot of the materials I have kicking around. Can I use semi gloss paint as a primer on these?

They are new wood and will be painted with tole paints.

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I don't know the answer to your paint question so hopefully someone will. I saw one of these several years ago and thought it was such a cute idea. I tried google to see some and can't find any. Do you have any pictures or links to them. I've sold all my woodworking tools. Do you cut them out yourself or have you found a place to purchase them?

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These are the only ones I've seen, is this what you're making? I'd love to see more pics.

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Those are adorable.

I do not think that semigloss would make a good primer because of the difficulty of painting over. However, is it an outdoor paint? If so, you might be able to use it as a final coat. Is it oil or water based? Does it have a built in primer in it? If you use a water based paint over an oil based paint you will have peeling.

Post your question over in Decorative and Tole Painting forum with an answer to the above questions to get more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: dec. and tole painting forum

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Those are exactly like the ones I'm making:-) Thanks for all your replies.

I have found some primer paint that I can use. They will get a coat of exterior clear sealer.

I have 5 sets on the go and I'll post some pictures when they are finished.

I'm going to put a price of $30 a set on them. I'm not sure if that is a good selling price or not, LOL

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On second look they are almost like the ones I'm making, LOL Mine have a seat on the swing and the ropes go from the seat and up the arms.

I like the frill on the hat. My son is doing the cutting out for me so I will get him to do some like that for the next batch.

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I'm anxious to see your pieces. You can always post some in-progress pics so we can watch your process. I'd like to see more but so far haven't been able to find them from a google search. What kind of wood is your son using?

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