Painted suitcase

luvstocraftApril 23, 2007

Here's a link to the Painting forum gallery for those of you who wanted to see my painted suitcase when I finished it. Luvs

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Oh, so cute! What a nice job you did (as always!).


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Luvs you suitcase is simply beautiful! how is the background painted? I love the look, the roses are beautiful and the little butterfly is sooo cute! what girl wouldnt love it!
I have seen xmas ones done and thought I would like to try painting one ( trace and paint is more like it )LOL!
Happy Crafting

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It's beautiful. Good job :)

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Wow, Great job Luvs!!! I love it.

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Thanks ladies, it was a fun project. I find I enjoy painting things like this. Oddie, this was a TS find, so first I cleaned the whole thing with soap and water, then wiped it down with a paper towel and some alchohol. Then I just spray painted on a couple coats of primer.

The background is the fun part--just take one of those cheapy paint brushes and dip into two or three colors and "slip slap" it on there until it is sort of blended. Some areas can be more pink, some more yellow, etc. Then I sprayed a light coat of Krylon Matte on it--this makes it easy to wipe off any boo boos you don't like without taking off the basecoat. When finished, spray on a couple coats of sealer to protect it.

A Christmas one would be really pretty. I've seen one by Renee Mullins in her Plum Purdy book that is just a big snowman face across the front--hard to describe, but really cute! I think poinsettias would look pretty too--and you could store decorations in it after Christmas.

Nothing wrong with trace and paint, that's how most of us do it. Doesn't have to be exactly perfect either, the colors and the design make it look pretty anyway--and no one else knows it's not "perfect", right? Just have fun and enjoy.


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I can imagine something with holly and berries would probably be gorgeous.


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Luvs thanks so much for all the info, I think I understand slip slap! never thought to seal the backgroung before going on sure would help me alot as mistakes are always part of my painting!
Thanks agine

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Jenn, don't go giving me more ideas! You'll have me looking for another suitcase for Christmas! LOL I know what--YOU do one, then I can enjoy looking at yours. My house doesn't have room for much more stuff, and even the storage areas are overcrowded! LOL

Oddie, I end up wiping something off on most every project--that's why knowing little tips like that are helpful. I also always like to share the one about using a q-tip dipped in alcohol to remove a paint mistake. It will usually take it off even if it is already dried. I've had times when I've gone back to look at a project and found a blob that wasn't supposed to be there!

The Krylon matte 1311 is really great to have on hand. Can often be used to give a little "tooth" for paint to cling to, and I use it to seal parts of my project before I paint leaves or filler flowers--then if I need to wipe them off, I won't ruin the roses underneath. It also sets the ink we sometimes use to outline things--otherwise the regular sealer will sometimes cause the ink to "feather" or "blur" when it is applied.

Oops! Sorry to be so long winded--you can tell I love to paint and share ideas. I just want everyone to not be afraid of painting--it is so fun to liven something up with it. ;o)


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