Looking for inexpensive beads

luvstocraftApril 22, 2007

In my latest issue of Romantic Country on pg. 78 they have a bowl full of 3" styrofoam balls covered in what they describe as acrylic or glass bi-cone beads (mix of 4mm and 6mm sizes) or round beads (4mm).

They used beading or sequin pins to hold the beads on the styrofoam. The ones in the picture are pink and look so sparkly with the pins in them.

I looked at beads at Joanne's today, and the bags are so small, I think it would take several to cover a ball. Anyone have a source for inexpensive beads?

I just thought these were so pretty and I have a bag of styrofoam ornaments I saved when the silkish covering was coming off. Thought this might be just the thing to use them for.


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Not sure what kind of beads you are looking for without seeing
a pic of the covered ball but here is a site that sells lots of
different kinds. Any chance you can post a pic?TIA


Here is a link that might be useful: Beads etc.

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I'm not very good with a camera, but here is a couple pics of the article. Hope it helps. It doesn't say how many beads or give a source for the beads. I know from using half marbles on things, that it often takes more than you would expect it to--that's why I wanted an inexpensive source if I was going to try it. I'll take a look at the bead site you listed. Thanks. Luvs

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Oh those are lovely!! I haven't looked through that magazine in quite a few years.
You could use an acrylic bicone bead which would definitely save a lot of money. Also check out eBay for some great resources.
These would be great for Easter eggs next year too!!
www.sunshincecrafts.com use to carry a lot of acrylics but I'm not sure what they have now.

thanks for sharing and best of luck!!

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I used to buy acrylic beads when Hobby Lobby put them half price. Lately they seem to be going to glass beads and 'better' beads. I don't want fancy beads for the basket suncatchers, and the things I do for outdoors and now I can't find many beads. If you find a good source let me know too.

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Thanks Honeysuckleridge, that sight has the beads, and looks like a good price. I will compare their price plus shipping to the ones at Joanne's and see which is the least expensive.

Look what else I found while I was looking around the Sunshine crafts site. Could be used for any season--especially for those who like to do the stacked plates. I didn't know there were "liquid beads"--would have just thought thinned down Mod Podge and spinkle them on. LOL



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Oh Luvs those could be a lot of fun with kids too. You could use the acrylic/plastic ornaments for the little kids with glitter...they would love making that kind of mess!


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Those look like those Christmas Ornaments made with all those beads and pins. ( older craft ) THese are pretty in pastels ! Michaels has big bags of "crystal like" beads .
I'd try there first . I know they have tons of round 4 & 6 & 8 mm. ones. I buy them all the time. Post a pic when you're done - they'll be gorgeous !

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