decorative painting on fabric

shellybedsaulApril 1, 2008

I'm new to posting here, but I thought I'd just dive in and talk about my latest endeavor. I've done lots of tole and decorative painting on furniture, walls and basic hard items, even did my own woodworking, but I've yet to paint on fabric.

Wanting to add a little customization to my dining room, I thought it might be nice to have some table linens to coordinate with my china and wall art. I found the perfect resource for inexpensive linens and nice color selections. Yeah, it's been done before, but it seems we ignore table dressings to give that fine dining ambience, even if it is just a bowl of rice crispies.

I'm planning on using liquid acrylics mixed with textile medium. I know this works on cottons, but not sure about man made fabrics. Any suggestions of other paints would be welcomed. I'll post step by step photos as I complete this project.

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Hi Shellybedsaul, Welcome to the craft forum.

When you mentioned all the painting you have done, I just had to hop in here to be sure you know about the Tole & Decorative painting forum too. We'd sure love to have you come post pics of some of your projects and chat with us there too.

And for table dressings, as well as table settings and vignettes, the gals on the Holiday forum play around with those during and in between holidays. You would probably have some fun checking out that forum too.

Several years ago, I painted designs on muslin squares using the acrylics and textile medium to make quilted pillows. I also painted on some cotton tee shirts. Both washed really well. I've also stenciled on some white cotton napkins with it, and they are holding up nicely too. I don't know about man made fabrics, but there might be suggestions on the textile medium bottle.

Would love to see photos of any items you paint. ;o)


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Welcome to the forum Shellybedsaul, so nice to have you join in on the great fun we have here. Don't they make paints specifically for fabric these days. I wonder if Donna Dewberry has that type of paint. You might check her site at or Hope you'll post pics of your creations, we'd love to see them.


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Thanks for the welcome. I do plan on posting pics. I can never resist the opportunity to show off. LOL. I just bought a new puter and right now all my files are still on the dinosaur, but you can see some of my work at ebsqart. Because there are so many types of art I do, I try to make my paints serve multiple purposes. My acrylics move from canvas to wall murals to woods to cottons. I'm hoping it'll work for man made fabrics too.

Never paid much attention to Donna Dewberry. Didn't care much for her style. I'm more old school, like Jo Sonja and Mary Jo Leisure. (yeah, I do both acrylic and oil techniques. But for new technology, I might have to give Donna another chance. Or, because my linen source is so inexpensive, just bite the bullet and do it.

Here is a link that might be useful: ebsqart

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