Afghan fringing

treemedicJanuary 15, 2006

I am just going to start of a cross-stitch afghan and I have read the fringing instructions but I am having trouble understanding them. Can anyone let me know the best way (easiest way) to do this. The instructions talk about alot of knotting then machine sew around etc. Any ideas? Thank-you.

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I have one that I fringed by pulling out a bunch of threads at the edge and then taking a group of the threads (like about 5) and tying them in an overhand knot up against the edge of the fabric. I think I used a crochet hook to help pull the thread through.

You can also do it by machine stitching a line where you want to start the fringe - either straight or zigzag, then pull the threads out up to the machine stitching. The first method looks like little tassels when it's done and the other looks like regular fringe.


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