Did you ever lose your creativity ?

toomuchglassMarch 25, 2011

I spent half of my life crafting . It was my passion.

Now it seems I've lost "it" . I don't have a creative thought in my head . I've had Slumps before , but this is major. Has that ever happened to you ?

I'm guessing ~and~ hoping the reason is my health. For the last year I've been limping around in pain with a bad hip . I hurt so much I couldn't concentrate on anything . A month ago I had a hip replacement . I'm almost healed - I just pray my slump is over. Any words of encouragement ?

((((((( everyone )))))))

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I know what you mean, sweetie - Pain has a way of putting the kabosh on creativity... Take care of yourself little one - the creativity will return when you're feeling better... My problem has been personal problems - DD is coming off at least 14 years of drug abuse - she hid it so well - I feel like the biggest fool for not seeing it, but my crafts and shows are my way of taking "ME" back a little bit - my time for sanity in the midst of all the insanity going on around me since the first of the February... Honey - if your craft room is anything like mine, your creativity is in there somewhere - how about you spend 10 minutes a day rearranging it and getting rid of things you don't love and perhaps you can find it again... Just 10 minutes a day - no more - just start... See if that helps... I know it did for me...

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I go through periods where I'm more inspired than others. We all have our own motivators. Usually what kicks me into creativity is either a challenge or procrastination. I love having a problem to solve. If that doesn't work, I try to clean house or get something accompplished and find myself going off on a tangent with a creative project.

How is your weather right now? We are getting a lot of sunshine and blooms. Hopefully, you are getting nicer days as well. If not feeling creative bothers you, then maybe it's time for you to start a new challenge. If your hip is healing, maybe you could forget about crafting for a little while and just use the time to get outside and walk around a little bit. Watch the birds or figure out what flowers or colors you could add to freshen up your landscape. Pretty soon, you might find yourself over at Garden Junk trying to put some plates and bowls together to make decorations for the yard.

I'm not sure that any of my comments have been helpful. Hopefully, you start feeling better soon.

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I started a really pretty doily, well I'm not used to using bedspread thread/yarn & so hard to get used to crocheting so small & have rarely used treble/triple crochet I prefer double crochet so I'm not getting much done. I'm seriously thinking about beading around some spoons for plant pokes. 1 reason is quicker & more cheerful & then I can keep the pink, red ,salmon & white flowering plants straight. I get moody about this time every year as I have more headaches from humidity & rain so that dampens creative juices but as weather improves & fog & rain go away I get back into doing crafts & GJ. I'm repainting a cast iron duck that needs touching up mostly but back was starting to get little rust so worked on it today. Have couple of lovebirds on a plaque that the wooden stake on back broke off, have to drill a couple of holes in new stake & attach it to back of it & give it couple of coats of clear sealer to keep it looking good. Went out to plant 4 -6 pks of plants today & it is just too wet, they will just croak so have to wait few days as another storm coming in. Used to have a name for these slumps- drolldrums I think??? This to shall pass(I hope)Glad you are healing nicely from your hip surgery. I sure did a stupid thing Mar12, knocked my 14 oz cup of tea into my hip, managed to grab it with other hand but 1/4 cup (about) burned my hip really good, drenched a thick washcloth with cold water & crushed 8 ice cubes in ziploc bag to put behind that as I could feel the washcloth really getting hot. Looked, after it stopping hurting so much an hour later & all the skin came off on the washcloth. Well, ER's out here are a mess so grabbed a tube of 99cent Dr. Sheffield's Diaper cream zinc oxide based made in USA(use on my dad's feet) & put all over it,once covered all of it pain stopped- I had tried triple antibiotic cream ,it wouldn't stay on. So fast forward to today & I can get clothes on & the thing is healed & just red,once swelling went down healed fast with the zinc. None of 3 brands of non-stick large pads worked, when you took them off any healing that had been going on ended up on pad. So air & zinc work! Not what books say that's for sure. Did I craft,not much, I read to get my mind off of it & I've cleaned out quite a few old Reader's Digests & other magazines I was "always going to get to" so at least something is getting done! Last year at this time I cleaned all upper cabinets in kitchen(air in house warmer by the ceiling so I got lovely cleaned cabinets then. Can you clean out 1 drawer at a time. My 89 yr old mom is sitting on a chair & pulling out drawers from her dresser & cleaning 1 a day. I thought that was good idea as she is missing hip joint altogether(woman texting as she was driving out of grocery parking lot slammed into mom's driver's side as she was going in) so can't take the drawer all the way out & set it on bed like she used to. So if your bedroom, kitchen drawers or craft room drawers need help might be good time to do it. 1 drawer takes 30 minutes to over 1 hr to clean out & replace all the items(takes longer if you find letters or memories etc) Just do little things, they add up & soon you will get spring fever & get back to doing again. How is your weather, it may be getting to you too!Jan

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Thanks for all you kind words ! Weather here is still gloomy , cold ,in the 20's ....windy,sleety and just plain yucky. Maybe just having everything combined is enough to make anyone feel down. I think that's what I'll try ... just taking some time every day to clean my craft room. Maybe I'll come across a project that I totally forgot about and it'll get the old wheels turning !!
Thanks again for sharing your stories . I love you all !!!

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That's what is so wonderful about this group - we all feel a kinship with each other and we've all been there...

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Yep !!! in fact right now. Last year I gave away most of my craft supplies and kits etc. Still love crafts just don't have an avenue for showing them off etc. I still do crocheting mostly of mens skull caps in camoflauge yarn. I've given a lot of them away to vets and even homeless. I can make about one a day and have a nice accumalation for next winter. It keeps my fingers busy and a little close to crafts.
I still make my Christmas cards for the KT exchange.
Still have a lot of supplies and rubber stamps just no get up and go Yes it got up and went!!

still love this forum.

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I always was creative as a kid so naturally when I had children myself I was into crafting. But when my children got older and I went to work, I just didn't have anything left in me to craft. Years went by and I didn't feel as if I had a creative bone in my body. Now i am on a break from work, and I have made wreaths, played my keyboard, learned to crochet and now I am even making spectacular soaps! I am having a ball with my new-found creativity.

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Sometimes you just need to take a break and rest your mind. I'll bet if you pick up a paint brush, or knitting needle, or whatever craft moves you, you will begin to heal: mentally and physically. Creativity of any kind is therapeutic.
A "slump" is completely normal, just don't wait too long to get back to the things you love.
Good luck and feel better!

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All of you sound stupid you never lose your creativity what are you stupid? god has a plan for all of us

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Yes, I am currently in the same boat - for the last two years I painted and painted and painted. Now, I don't have any desire to paint - also, I don't have a wall space left to hang any more of my 'handiwork'. I hope to get the 'urge' again - I have tons of supplies, but until I do, I just walk by and look at them!

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Go away STINK -ler . Trolls aren't welcome here.

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