Room Diffuser - What type of reed?

romarcMarch 11, 2006

Hi, everyone!

Does anyone know how to make those scented room diffusers? I love the one I have (lemon grass), but they are quite pricey - I would like to make my own but I don't know what type of reed is used and where I can find them.

Any info you are willing to send my way will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for your help...

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This article describes them as being made from bamboo.

All of the commercial references I found were bamboo also.

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This website tells it better. It is not bamboo, it is reed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Explanation

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There are several candle and soap supply sites that sell the reeds or kits.
Candle Cocoon is a great place to deal with.
I believe Rustic Escentuals does as well.

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I've never heard of this . Is it new ? Thanks for posting it . :) :) :) :)

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Hey Kathy! Long time no "see".

Yes it's the newest craze in home fragrance.
It's kind of an upscale "snobby" thing. LOL
But if folks realized how much the real expense was, they'd never buy the stuff already done, they'd make them themselves.

You need DPG or perfumers alcohol, fragrance oil, a bottle with narrow opening, and some reeds....viola..."scent diffusers".

Here is a link that might be useful: Reeds

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*** Waving to Terri !!!!!

A Snobby Hobby !!! I LIKE IT !! LOL
I'll wait till the craze gets cheaper & Then I'll try it.

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Tried it, hated it. BIG hype in my opinion. Then I saw that it was the trendy thing in L.A. (now totally over) and I realized that I liked my Glade Plug in A LOT better and a lot less mess!

I've seen the reeds and materials to make these at Craft Warehouse.

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I agree it's definately a yuppish trend. LOL
and I too used to love Glad Plugins..until I started making my own soy candles and tarts.

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I am bringing up the rear - and am happy to report that the bamboo skewers sold in produce section of supermarket work just fine for the reeds ........the rest is easy!

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Been wondering rather to share a idea I have used, thought you all might think I have lost it LOL! but here goes I use the dried stem from tiger lilys as reeds, they soak up the oil well and smell for years,I have also tucked them in the bottom of flower baskets for a added scent, used alone would make nice prim stems for flowers , stars or other things in baskets, okay you guys know I am cheap and enjoy makeing things from nothing!
Happy Crafting

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Oddie - I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

I paid a dear price at Pier 1 a few weeks ago, and have been on a mission ever since. The amount of aromatic oil I got w/ the "set up" is enough to use many times over - so finding other "carriers" for the fragrance is very helpful.

In that ALL plants transport their water upward through sieve tubes, it would seem that most ANY dried stem could be used. Maybe others have tried other versions.

I love the smell of the one set up I purchased and would like to have that fragrance throughout the house ...... I even bought some vesicular basalt (little lava rocks) and plan to work that up, as well. I recall getting some yummy smelling pumice/flat marbles a number of years ago. SO - keep your eyes open for pumice pieces, as well.

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ok here's one for the group...a drop of your sented oil on a cotton ball and drop that into your vac cleaner cup (this is the style vac I have...since my daughter has asthma,I tend to rince my vac cup when done never had any problems using the cotton balls this I said I only put a drop thats 1 drop on the cotton ball) or bag and fresh smelling air as you vac!!, lol...use felt with a drop or two of your oils and put in those plug ins...not the oil plug ins the ones that use the little rectangle inserts...I layed the used up plug in on a piece of felt and cut out the shape twice as long put a drop or two of the oil on the felt folded it in half and slid it into the plug in and the house smelled great!! I found the oils at a local dollar store for a buck each!! And how cheap are the felt squares? I'm really telling you guys how cheap I am...wink wink,...A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

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I'm scared of those Glade Plug-Ins - my DH is fire inspector and says those things are a real fire hazard. Also, I used one for awhile before finding this out and now have a permanent stain streak up my wall from the outlet - can't scrub it off, have to repaint. It is just a yellowed streak on my white wall. I'd be scared to death to install a flammable piece of felt into something plugged into an outlet.......sorry to rain on the parade!! Just keep it safe!


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I second that!I dont use the plug ins, have read to many horror stories about them, I have used the oil on cotton balls thoe but thats like spraying when you are done so is the scent.
I vote for the bamboo skewers if you want a nice look to the reeds afterall they are made to soak up liquids for cooking.
if you want a prim look you can use hostas stems or tiger lilys.
wannadanc, have never heard of the stones you are talking about
care to share info!
luvs2click I see you are from ohio, what part? I live in a small town close to portsmouth OH.
Happy Crafting

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Oddie - I am from near Ashland, OH

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