My St. Patrick's Day treats

nizzaMarch 4, 2008

I made about 30 of these to give out to family and friends for St. Patrick's Day. The boxes are filled Hershey nuggets which I made labels for. You can't see in the pic, but, I brought these sparkly, glittery shamrocks and adhered them on the top ends of the box. I printed the image twice once in reverse and attached them back to back so the image is on both sides of the box.

I got the graphics from Daisie Company and the template for the nuggets box from Splitcoastcrafters. I hope that everyone likes them.

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OMG those are soooo cute! what beautiful crafting, with all that detail you add to make them special!

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Those are amazing! Very nice job, Nizza.
Suzan J

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Those are really cute. So you printed all of these on your computer, then cut them out and fold? I've not tried anything like that before so I'm curious. What a neat gift idea--or they would sure be cute on a table too, then could be taken home as favors. Luvs

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Oh, My !.......Please dont forget that I'm Irish ! LOL My Grandmother came from Cork County ! And besides they have chocolate! (You know chocolate is good for your health?, It keeps you from having a nervous breakdown !). Great Job !

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Thanks everyone. I gave out a bunch tonight and everyone loved them. I guess it was worth all the work.

luvstocraft - yes, I printed everything out on my printer then cut everything and folded and attached with adhesive strips. They would make a cute favor.

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Do you have a cd...or did you find them online?


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Patti, I brought the graphics from Daisie Company for $1.74 and just downloaded them.

The shamrocks and green background I had as freebies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gina Jane's

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These are all so wonderful Thanks somuch for sharing!!

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