36 inch gas range recommendation

akshars_momDecember 3, 2013

We are looking for a 36 inch gas range. I was considering Thermador 36 inch Professional Series Pro Harmony Standard Depth All Gas PRG366GH

Are there any other ranges we can look at in the 5K to 6K range?

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermador 36 inch

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Capital Culinarian 36" Range 6 Burners CGMR366

BlueStar RNB Series RNB366BV1

Although there are fans of other ranges, these two are the board's consensus top two that fit your criteria.

There has been A TON written about these ranges in multiple threads.

Google " gardenweb culinarian" and " gardenweb bluestar" or "gardenweb rnb"

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My Bluestar 36" RNB with griddle was right at about 6k, and they threw in any color of choice, no upcharge. I'm not sure, but a six burner might be a bit less?
I could not be happier with the range after 8 months of owning it now.

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Thanks deeageaux and ctycdm.
I will look into them. The specific model from Capital Culinarian seems to be discontinued?

I will look at similar models.

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One more question if you don't mind what do you think of

Bertazzoni Professional Series PRO366GAS

I really like the look of these ranges and the price seems to be lesser than any of the ranges above. Any thoughts? My husband would like to stay at 5K or lesser if possible

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Every cook is different in their needs and I would consider some of the following things so that you can pick a range that will compliment the way you cook.

Open or sealed burners? There is much written on this and they will vary brand to brand.
Will one be easier for you to clean than the other? There are videos on youtube so that you can see what it is to clean them. This is very subjective!

How much heat or how low of heat do you need? Do you stir fry or need to heat big pots fast or do you need great control with very low heat?

Burners all the same or sized differently-this might depend on the kind, size of cookware do you use

The range you have listed is counter depth and many ranges of this type are deeper so that you can use deeper pans. they stick out a little. Do you have a preference about that?

Is the temperature of the oven door an issue for you?

What type of broiler do you want? Check out the width of the broiler.

How fast does the oven preheat?

How big is the oven? Do you need to use full sheets or would you prefer to heat less space?

I don't think there is a consensus for the "best" range and even if the majority of gardenweb members pronounced a particular range the "Matchless Cooking Apparatus Par Excellence" it might not be the best for you. Once you narrow down the things you want in a range read what gardenweb people have written about those brands.

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after a ton of research, we are still confused, but decided to go with the 36" all gas wolf range. we originally considered the 30", then the 36" thermador pro harmony but read too many negative reviews on the thermador.

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AGK, What is the model of wolf range you are going with and can you also share the price?

In general Wolf is more expensive than thermador so wanted to check.


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