My Flip Flops

gluecilleMarch 9, 2005

I'm finally up and running. I've used both fun fur and eyelash yarn. I I think I like using the eyelash yarn better than the fun fur.

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I love them!! They look great! I like to use one strand of
boa and one strand of the eyelash yarn together. So far I've
made 4 and I'm off to Old Navy tomorrow to get some more of
the flips.

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They are so quick and easy to make. I have made several more pair but my DGD who is 12 keeps taking them and that's okay. She now has a pair to match about every outfit she has. She has wanted to wear them to school and her dad told her "do you see what is written on them, Sand N Sun not Wind N Snow". I thought that was so funny. She can't wait until it gets warm enough to wear them. I have plenty more flip flops to fix and have sold several at work. I think it is fun to mix and match the color of the flip flops and the yarn, I can't wait to see them finished to see how the colors look together.
I might try your idea about mixing the two different yarns. I just doubled the same color of eyelash or fun fur. What is the boa yarn? I am going to have to check this out.

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This is how it comes.

It comes in various color combinations and they all have bird names.
The one I bought today is called Toucan and here's what it looks like.

I've also used one called "Doo Doo Bird"

How much did you charge at work for the flip flops?

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Glue, I love them. I've bought some flip flops so I've got to try my hand at this. Thanks for the inspiration.
Susan in BAma

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Must be getting flip flop time again I have an order for 2 pairs. Very easy money. I've been busy making crochet flowers. Have to make 300 of them by April 15, 200 done. I guess I don't have to say that I'm sick of them! LOL

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Evelyn, Thank you for the pics. Does Wal Mart sell it? That is all we have around here. I think I have seen this there but didn't think of using it with the fun fur/eyelash yarn. i'll have to give it a try.

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Gluecille, glad I could help.
I'm in Canada and we have it at Michaels. We have Walmart here
but I'm not sure if they sell it or not. I can't see why they
wouldn't though cause they usually have a pretty good choice.

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I made several pair tonight. Made my thumb sore crocheting. My cousin works in a doctor's office where they buy a lot of my handmade stuff. I made her and her 6 yo. a pair and she's going to take 4 pair to work to see if she can sell them for me. At our local wal-mart they had some heavy duty soled flip flops for 3.00 a pair, thought they had my size but got them home and the were a little too small so I sent those with her too. The soles of them would truly hold up all summer long. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration.
Susan in Bama

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These are adorable, my granddaughter
would love them. How hard are they
to make for someone that doesn't
normally do this kind of thing?

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Those are so cute, I especially loved the black and hot pink ones! Good job!

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Patches, they are one of the easiest things to make. If you can do a single crochet then you can do these. I'm not very good with directions unless I can demonstrate but I will try. I think I used a size I needle. I started on the right side of the flip flop at the bottom, took my needle under the strap caught the yarn and pulled it back and single crochet. Do that all the way around. It's a little awkward at first until you get the hang of it. I doubled the yarn and if you take Evelyn's advice she used one strand of Boa with her eyelash/fun fur. The next time I am at Wal Mart I am going to look for the boa yarn. I'm pretty sure I saw some there the other day.
If any one can explain better please do. Like I said...I'm not very good at instructions.

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raybeck, I think those are my favorite also. I can't remember what the name of the yarn was.

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My cousin sold the 4 pair I sent with her today and took orders today for 6 more and several people said they would place an order when they new the exact size they needed because they were going to be gifts. Thanks to Gluecille I'm going to be busy! Mother lucked up today at the Salvation Army at the biggest town in our state and found new flip flops from target for 50 cents and $1. She called me and I told her the way it was looking she needed to buy every pair she could get her hands on. Thanks again for the idea and photos.
Susan in Bama

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Wow Susan, You are doing fantastic. Great find on the flip flops. Did Mother buy out the store?

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WOW LH ! great job Also wish I would run into a flip flop deal like your Mom did. I made 2 pair today for a woman my DD works with. Hope when they get delivered I will get some more orders. If you don't mind, what do you charge?

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How much yarn does it take? The specialty yarns are sort of pricey and I'm in a bit of a financial slump. Hope I can find some cheap flip flops.

Glucille - your directions sound good to me. Thanks!

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I found that the $3.00 eye lash and boa yarns mixed with the $5.00 fun fur goes pretty far. I used three skiens on 6 pairs of flops. So I figure I've got less than $2.00 in yarn in each pair. Some flops I paid $3.00 for and I charged 12.00 for those and 10.00 for the $1-2 flops and nobody balked at the price. I'm in a pretty small town/ rural area so people won't pay as much here as they will other places. Last year I made some of the balloon flops for little cousins and it took forever and killed my hands. This is much better. Mother bought me 23 pair at the thrift store for 1.00 ea. They were mostly size 9 so I hope I find a lot of big footed people who want these!

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Gluecille, I really like the hot pink and black ones too.
Are they made from "fancy fur" by Lion. I found this pic of
the yarn and was wondering if this was it.

Here are all the flip flops that I have made so far. I'm
working on other fun fur stuff and will post it later.

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Those are cute Evelyn. I found that I can use a fingernail brush to "fluff" them up. It pulls the fun fur yarn out where it's kinda trapped in your stitches.
Susan in Bama

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I take orders, the customer gets the flip flops and yarn and I charge 5.00 a pair to make them. That way I don't have to have cash tied up in sizes and color that I might have to have around for awhile.

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Those are great Evelyn, IÂm not sure what brand of yarn it was, but the picture you posted looks exactly like it. I got it at Wal-Mart. I thought it would be hard because of all of the little knots of different colors in it but it was quite easy. I'm going to have to be more observant about what brand I get. I'm too busy looking at all of the pretty colors.

I'm not sure which ones I like the best. Is your first pic made of the boa yarn? I was wondering how that would look. I really like it. I also think the gray on the black flip flops looks really good.

Donna, I did what you did for some of mine I sold. That way the customer gets what they want and I get to keep the left over yarn.

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Thanks Logan and Gluecille!
The second, third, fifth and last pair are made with one
strand of boa and one strand of eyelash yarn. The grey ones
are actually one strand of gray and one strand of white(with
glitter) eyelash yarn and the second last one are similar
as they are made with one strand of pink and one strand of
white(with glitter). The first pair was a real experiment
cause I was wondering what two strands of two different
colors of the boa yarn would look like together and I'm
really happy with the result.
I put these in my craft booth on Saturday and I'm still
waiting for a sale. If they do real well I'm going to
offer the order option too.

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Evelyn, Soooooo pretty.
Due to my father being in the hospital and having all that down time I made up over 25 pairs (and look at more) the last few days to put in my shop... they are selling like hot cakes. $9.99 for size 6 and under $12.99 for over....
But i see a sandle 'tag' and sticker on yours. Please tell where you got them. (or email I ran into the problem of the the sticker price not sticking on them.
Again, VERY PRETTY flip-flops!
Tresea in Oklahoma

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Thanks Tresea! I'm selling mine(that is trying to sell) for 14.99 Cdn. for sizes 6 and up.
I made the tags and stickers myself by using a graphic of a flip flop.
For the sticker I just used avery labels and the tag is printed on colored card stock.

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I will be Camp Leader at a Pool this summer and we'll be using your Flip Flop ideas, but we will have boys too. do you have any ideas on decorating boy flops. My son will NOT wear "fluffy flops". :)

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Beautiful job! love the hot pink and black.

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Cute! Cute! Happy feet!

I have not been on the site for so long, I was feeling guilty about posting, but these are adorable. I remember trying to learn to crochet when I was younger. If the ideas and patterns had been more appealing to a teenager (LIKE THESE!) I would have stuck with it. ;-) I may have to break out the crochet hooks again. Just what I need...another hobby!


Here is a link that might be useful: Quotentials

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