Help! Too many nice appliances in small kitchen?!

jlb1003December 11, 2011

Hello: We decided to downsize and moved from a large house/ large kitchen (Miele wall oven, Dacor 6 burner range, Advantium) to a much smaller "cottage" on the lake. We are almost empty nesters. I am a very serious cook and like to eat healthy, can vegs, entertain, etc. But, in the spirit of downsizing, I decided I would downsize my appliance budget too. Thus, on my wish list: Decent wall oven, induction range, and recently found a Gaggenau Combi Oven steamer a couple of months ago. Tonight, I went to a local appliance store and found the Electrolux Icon floor model Walloven (a top choice of mine after researching options) marked down substantially. The sales people offered me several additional great deals, including a 30" Electrolux Induction cook top for $750 (the 36" GE one was on sale for $1800) and a 24" Vicking range with a wok burner for $999 (regular $4200). It seems the market is incredibly soft here and they are transitioning their high end appliances and saw me as the type of buyer who might take these items off of their hands.

What to do?? This is almost too good to be true -- because I did not expect to get all of the appliances which really were on my "nice to have" list at such amazing prices. WIth the smaller induction cooktop, I could have the gas wok range top and use it for canning, cooking and the oven will also serve as a second oven.

I've not finalized the kitchen layout yet -- but could obviously fit these appliances in -- at the expense of some cabinets. And, what to do about a hood? I don't really want to put the 24" range & 30" cooktop under a 54" range... that would really reduce my cabinet space. I already have a window planned nearby. Could I have a small hood above the range and have the cooktop adjacent, but in front of a window?

Any other advice??? Is the Electrolux induction cooktop decdnt? Please help! I'm blessed with too many options!

Thank you!

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You need a hood over your wok, and should also have it over your cooktop. Since you're saving so much on your other appliances, maybe you could throw a little of those savings (what isn't eaten up by buying more pieces) at a custom hood. Can you vent out the wall? That would keep the duct out of your cabinet. You can also have a low profile hood. Remember that your hood is also giving you light, which is important. It's worth giving up 10-12" of cabinet space for.

Something else to keep in mind is that you can keep your larger, less used items outside of the kitchen. The roaster, stock pot, etc. I put cabinets everywhere the walls would stand still for it in my new kitchen, but I wouldn't trade ventilation for cabinets no matter how much they might be needed. I'd put the skillets under the bed first.

I don't know about your lake, but the ones I've resided near have lake effect winds daily. I wouldn't want that blowing dirt into my kitchen while I was cooking. Does it snow where you are? Do you have bugs in the Summer? Is it humid? Good ventilation with adequate Make Up Air makes life a lot happier. Talk to your HVAC guy. Maybe he can help you design a hood system that conserves as much space as possible, and design MUA into the system as well.

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The use of an induction cooktop for intensive canning sessions where the Viking could shoulder a lot of the load as well sounds like a better way to go. Great opportunity and value for money. You might want to be extra cautious and take physical possession of the purchases soon after the deal closes.

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"Is the Electrolux induction cooktop decdnt" People on this forum do really seem to like the Elux induction cook tops, as well as the wall ovens. As you really do need ventilation for both the cooktop and the range, put them side by side under one large hood. You can always use the induction cooktop for extra counter space when you are only using the wok burner. You can go with the taller upper cabinets to help regain some cabinet space. We also squeezed in a 24" pantry cabinet to put come of the stockpots, the mixer etc in. Good Luck!

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Thanks for the replies. Ventilation to the outside is a possibility. Fortunately, the wall is on the "road side" not the lake side. Yes, it does snow and there are bugs. We had a nice hood and make up air in the last house we built. You are convincing me that I do need a hood. Any tips on custom designs are appreciated. I do want to conserve cabinets and $$, but having it aesthetically pleasing is important to me, too. Also, I couldn't find much on the quality of the Viking piece. (Not many reviews). Thoughts?

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Viking has an iffy reputation currently, but I don't know how much bad you can do to a wok burner rangetop to wreck it. It's a pretty simple appliance. I'd guess it should be just fine. I'd be concerned about an oven or full on range, but not really the wok burner. The big deal with that is that it's a LOT of power. Have you read the documentation about it? Can you really put cabinets near it? Just asking, since they mostly talk about outdoor installation.

First the bad news: With 30" and 24" units you'll need a bigger than 54" hood. You're going to need at least a few inches between the two pieces, and you should have a few extra inches on the outsides to really catch the power you're putting in. One thing you could do is put a really slim, slide out hood over the induction, and a more substantial hood just over the wok. You might be able to get more bang for your buck that way.

For a custom 66" hood (just sayin'...) you could get an insert (I know Tradewind is good, but there are lots of brands) and just put an apron over it that matches your cabinetry, or gussy it up as much as you like. You might also find a deal on a 60" hood that will take care of everything. What you really need is enough sucking power for that wok burner. :)

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Yikes. Appreciate the advice Plllog. Question: By slide out do you mean the type of vent that pops out of the counter? I would consider various ventilation options. My kitchen is pretty small, 14x12-6". I'm in the process of reading about the wok burner. So far, even the documentation is hard to find. But, I'm just getting started. If I don't get the wok/range -- then, I'm not sure if I will skip this good deal (only $1550 for both the range/wok AND the induction cooktop though!) and get the 36" induction cooktop or just the 30 (and no wok). I liked the idea of a gas burner. On that wall, I was planning on a pantry, small upper cabinet, cooktop, range, then, window. So, I think I can keep it away from cabinets. But, I'm losing cabinets obviously. Adjacent wall will have all cabinets (some decorative) above the sink. I live right next to a farm market and was really looking forward to canning on that wok burner. Not giving up yet!

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No. Fori had a slide out hood over her cooktop that occupied a smaller space under the cabinet. Search on her name with the box beneath the thread titles and you should find something about it, or give a shout out. She pops in here often enough. It's a real hood.

Okay, I'm confused about wok/range. I thought you were talking about the big Viking wok burner rangetop. Do you mean a complete range with oven?

I'd think it would be great to have gas at a lake house also for if/when the electricity goes out. For canning, you might also consider putting the wok burner outside. Put in a sink and counter and a barbecue and you'd have a great outdoor kitchen. :) You could also use it for the deep fried turkey if your family is into that--or you can use a turkey frier burner for canning outside. And if your outside isn't a pleasant place to do your canning that answers the last question about the hood--go for a good one. Go for a long one. Go for good make-up air. Live the good life.

I should mention that I have 15" Wolf two burner domino and 24" Gaggenau induction (straight from Europe) under a 48", 1200 cfm hood, with cabinets above. I get what you're aiming for, and I think it's a great idea! I think the same way. :) If the gonzo hood/MUA system is too much however (work, money or combination), I do think the outdoors option for the gas is worth exploring. You can still do waterbath canning indoors during inclement weather, and have the big burner outside for pressure canning. That just makes the wok a fair weather thing, but if it's snowy, isn't it more stew weather than stir fry anyway?

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Your kitchen sounds great! I will still investigate the hood/MUA options and check out the other site. My husband is an engineer and is very helpful (but still desires to keep cost down). We live in Wisconsin and it would get more use indoors. Lots of snow, wind, rain here at times. The model is VGIC245K (a 24"range & Wok). It has the infrared broiler and convection baffle. I did find out that the cabinet clearance should not be a problem. I wonder about the unreliability of the Viking oven?! I need to find out yet how old this unit is. I think it has been on the floor for awhile already.

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I would not worry about the Viking gas wok range. There's really nothing that can go wrong. The Viking 24" oven is on the small side, but so what... I'd go for it, and you'll like that broiler especially.

I think if you feel you need the ventilation then the idea of 2 hoods is a good idea. A nice hood over the wok, and no cabinets above, and a slim hood over the induction that can fit under the upper cabinets and not take up much room. It will look good that way. If they are side by side, I would use a 24" hood for the wok, if they are not next to each other, I would use a 30" hood for the wok.

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So it's really a range! That didn't come up when I first Googled (it's discontinued, so no surprise). Not for outdoors, same for Wisconsin in general. Sorry for the tangent. :) I'm thinking Alexr has the right of it. Combining a rangetop with a cooktop just takes some imagination. It's a lot easier letting a range and a cooktop have separate identities.

The Viking oven problems are more about construction than performance, if I understand right. But I'm thinking from the description it's all gas? Much less to go wrong there. :) Sounds like a cool little appliance.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you Alexr and Pllog!! I will keep on looking at options and will post an update. It seems a little weird to me to have Gaggenau, Electrolux and Viking appliances, but, that's ok. I will make it work! Thank you again!

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You're right. It's weird. I only have Gaggenau, Marvel, Miele, Monogram and Wolf (not including the M-A hood) because I sent the Viking dishwasher back (it was a great DW but didn't dry). Three just for the cooking appliances. How did you manage to get only three brands?

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This has been discontinued according to the web site.
Go there and download the specification and the manual.

K model includes
⢠One 27,500 BTU porcelain/cast iron
burner with automatic ignition/re-ignition
⢠20âÂÂW. steel wok/top
⢠Exclusive agency-certified center
trivet allows use of large stock pots

Personally, if you want to get a gas range, I would get a capital or blustar that give you 23K BTU (capital Culinarian) or 22K BTU (Blustar). This way, you have the high BTU output without using up so much space in your small kitchen. I understand the issues of huge reduction in the price.... Hard to decide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Viking wok range

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Gaggenau 12" wok top with 27K btu a great option for wok top with small footprint and a nice 3 ring flame in the burner.

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I'm intrigued by this, but so far I've only found the VG231 and it is a 17,000 btu Wok. Am I missing something?

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