Spring bunny sign

luvstocraftMarch 17, 2009

Finished painting this little sign last night. Not sure if I will put it on a wooden stake or just hang it on my side yard gate. I love bunnies! Luvs

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omg luvs I sooo love your bunny sign! I would hang it on your gate just to make sure everyone see it, soooo cute!
all the detail, dont know how you do it.

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Thanks Minnie and Oddie, I'm never sure whether I should post a painted item here or just on the Painting gallery, but not everyone looks in there. And it is a craft and for Spring so thought some of you might enjoy seeing it. I think I will hang it on the side yard gate by the driveway so I can enjoy it when we pull in. I didn't put anything about Easter on it, so I can leave it up all Spring.


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Luvs what a great sign. You do lovely work and I always love to see what you have done. I would hang it on the gate so it's sure to be seen all Spring. I'm glad you posted it here.....I don't always get to the gallery as often as I would like.


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That is soooo sweet...You done a great job...

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oh,wow,that is so cute! I sure do envy your talent! I can't paint at all!

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Glad you enjoyed seeing it Nance, Leveta, and Kudzu. It fit my side gate just perfectly and really shows up there. My neighbor loves to see what I will hang on my gate for each season/holiday. Since her driveway is right next to mine, she gets to enjoy it too. Kudzu, we have a mutual admiration for each other then, because I am always thrilled to see all the things you create. And I'm amazed at how quickly you make things. Luvs

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That is great!I so wish I could paint. It is truly a gift! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us.

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Barb, I am thankful for being able to do it. I can't even tell you how long I "wanted" to do it before I got up the nerve to take a class. Believe me, if I can learn, anyone can do it! I really should have taken more classes and learned to do more complicated things, but I'm happy with keeping it simple. It can be as simple as just tracing a pattern onto a piece of wood or metal using graphite paper, then filling in the spaces just like coloring in a color book. In fact, color books often have cute patterns to use. If you buy a book with simple designs, it will help you to understand how to add some shading and other details that will make it even better. I really encourage anyone interested to at least give it a try, you might just find that you have a real talent and passion for it! ;o)


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