Help? Critique? Please - re GE Cafe, XO, DCS, Kenmore mix for kit

legrabDecember 29, 2012

The year-end sales end shortly - and I've put off my decisions far too long. My kitchen is soon to be remodeled but is quite modest, and so is my budget. I have learned tons from this forum and from talking to sales representatives and friends, but would REALLY appreciate your completely honest critique of the mishmash I've put together. I feel like my brain is fried and can no longer think objectively - so much conflicting stuff out there.

DCS 30" gas cooktop - I'm pretty sold on this. Either that, or the salesman is laughing his head off at me.

GE Cafe 30" electric convection single wall oven (showroom sample so am getting a really good price); next choice, I think, is the DCS electric single wall oven - but it's $1,000 more money than the GE Cafe. Consumer Reports seems to think it's okay, but I worry about buying a discontinued item.

XO vented range hood - I haven't found much said about this anywhere. Is it a good product?

Kenmore dishwasher - not too worried about this - it's not sexy at all, but is similar to an old one I had and loved. It got the job done.

Kenmore French door 'fridge - again, this is not very sexy, but seems to have the features I think I need. What - other than ease of use - is important in a basic bottom freezer refrigerator?

Please help a neophyte? Thanks!

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You don't say which Kenmore FD fridge, but have a look at for a detailed evaluation of one.

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Love my GE Cafe double oven- consistent baking, even temps and makes the fastest roasts and turkeys in convection mode. Almost one year in and love it!

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You might want to reflect on the quality of tied A&E service in your particular area when it comes to Kenmore and other appliance purchases from Sears. There are wide variations when it comes to customer satisfaction.

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Thank you so much for your input. I was very worried about quality of GE Cafe oven, and find your comment reassuring. I am also concerned about how these things will look together - the Kenmore the DCS, etc. A real mishmash, huh?

Doe anyone have any experience at all with the XO 550 CFM exhaust fan? I am not finding reviews - anywhere! Price is right, but I fear...

Thanks again!

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