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Deb_from_PaMarch 24, 2009

I am trying to figure out a way to make a nice outside ashtray for in front of my restaurant. I did put a metal bucket with sand in it for now, but I want something little less tacky. I have seen ppl go out of their way to put their "butts" in the bucket, so I know they will use it! I did upgrade the ladies room with a handicapped toilet and joked around about putting the old one out front with a sign that reads..put your butts here, but am afraid of what i will find one day....LOL....if ya know what i mean...yuck! I was thinking of something with a small hole in the top, and had thought about glueing 2 clay pots together, and fill the bottom one with sand...BUT the problem with that is I wont be able to get them apart to clean them out every other day like I do now. On the bucket I have right now, I put a metal lid on top of it with a sign that reads, cigarette butts paper please, but they throw paper in it anyway, as well as beer cans, etc...I want to spruce up the outside this spring and am looking for alternatives to a bucket...and something with a tiny hole that I can make reasonably inexpensive since it could get stolen anyway, and will be easy to replace if need be.

Thanks so much.I appreciate any and all ideas

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I like the idea of the 2 pots. What if the bottom one was bigger so the top one sat inside it, so you could just lift it out to clean up? You might have to put something inside to keep the upper one from getting stuck by getting pushed down too much. You could have something in the sand that extended up to the top (bottom?) of the upper pot and prevented it from sinking down too far.
Like another pot! The double same size pots rim to rim as you described,but sitting in the bigger pot.
Then paint the pots wildly.
post a pic of your solution

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well, that is time i go to walmart or somewhere with clay pots, i will stick some together and see what i can come up with....THANKS FOR THE IDEAS!

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Deb, I think you could make something fairly inexpensive using terra cota flower pots.

Do a big 10 or 12 inch one on the bottom with another one upside down (bottom to bottom) and glued on with GE Silicone II for windows and doors (clear), then you could just sit a terra cota "dish" full of sand on top.

That portion could be easily lifted out to dump and clean it, and the two bottom pots would be heavy enough to not easily be stolen.

These could even be painted any color you want using plain old house paint. You could do a design and the name of your restaurant on it even.


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thanx luvs2craft......great ideas....but am trying to also find something with a small hole because ppl are putting paper in the ashtray too and i am afraid of a fire. And I wont keep a garbage can out there because ppl pull right up to the front, and clean their car out, and then I have tons of garbage and stinky in front of the restaurant..LOL
Thanks for your help

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Okay, new idea hit me today when I saw one of my popcorn cans that I store stuff in in my craft room..I am going to drill a small hole in the top, fill it with sand, cover the outside in vinyl maybe so it holds up outside, or paint it........just thought of the idea, but love recycling and I have about 6 of those xmas popcorn tins in the attic to store different ornies for year round xmas tree...
I am working on a baby shower right now, but when I get time to do the ashcan, I will try to post pics
Thanks for all of your help and I hope this idea helps others too!

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The only idea I had was the clay pot idea that was already stated. Before the smoking ban in Ohio, I saw one that was a kettle looking stone pot. It had sand in it ans just sat on the ground. It was really pretty how the stones were glued on the outside. I think whatever idea for an ash tray, people will still be inconsiderate and throw paper in there.

Let us know how your popcorn tin turns out!

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