Easter wreath

donnas_gwMarch 23, 2009

Here's another wreath I recently made. I'm happy with it:)

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Very pretty. Makes us want spring!! Thanks for sharing

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Very beautiful! I just wanted to ask about the bow. I make many bows but I was never taught how to make the middle of the bow look finished like your above. Any tips?

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Turned out beautiful, Donnas. I love the purple/yellow combination. Luvs

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Just Beautiful! love all the bright spring flowers you used, and how you put it all together, the eggs looks like they sprakle, and the bow is very pretty! sure makes you think spring.

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zshopper, I use the EZ bowmaker by Offray to make them. I cannot make a bow without it. One thing I've learned is that all "wired" ribbon is NOT created equal, or at least I don't think so. I do better with the wider size, like I used above. The wired edges on the narrower, flimsier ribbon (I think 1 1/2" wide) doesn't seem to be as thick on the edges and doesn't hold it's shape as well as the wider ribbon does.

The very first thing I do before making any loops, is place a 16" piece of floral wire between the 2 dowel rods. Once I get all the larger loops done, then I make a smaller 1 1/2"-2" loop (center loop)on one side (I make it on the left side) of the dowel rods on the bow maker. I then put the "tail" of that loop through the dowel rods.

Next step, I criss-cross the floral wire between the rods and cinch down tightly making sure I get all the loops. Sometimes I don't always get them all, so when I take the bow off the bow maker, I hold the bow tight and wrap one end of the wire a couple times around the center of the bow to secure them all. You can then separate the loops with you hand to make them fluffy.

I hope this helps. I know it's a long explanation lol. It took me a long time to learn to make them.

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thanks sorie6, luvs, and oddie. I love purple and yellow flowers together. I've been using those 2 colors for several years now. The siding on my house is a cream color and I think those 2 colors go really well with it.

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Donnas, you are so kind to post the explicit directions. I only make the bows free hand and find it easy to do so. They do look good but the added center loop makes it look finished. I love the wreath very classy and springy I love the colors you combined with the eggs. Tx again for your help.

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Very pretty!! Make me want warm weather!! Great job!

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zshopper, I had a lady who worked in a fabric/craft store with me several years ago. She could make beautiful free-handed bows, and she tried to show me how to do it. I just could not do it. That's why I bought the EZ bowmaker lol. I hope there are others here who do them free-handed who can answer your question.

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