Some Holiday Crafts

shysueMarch 2, 2008

Hi! I haven't posted in a long time, because being a hobby crafter, I don't craft a lot and really had nothing to share. I love to see everyone's beautiful crafts here, so I guess I am a part-time lurker. LOL However, I do like to make things for my co-workers for holidays and for myself too. So I finally have something to share with you.

These are hanging Victorian cornucopias I made for Valentine's Day. I put candy, a pocket calendar, and bookmark inside each:

For St. Patrick's Day--a leprechaun hat box with cinnamon tealight inside:

For Easter--beaded plastic eggs:

To go with the beaded eggs---kaleidoscope ornaments made from pictures of colored eggs:

For myself--glittered egg wreath:

Thanks so much for looking!

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justlinda do have "stuff" to share with us. I like the look of the easter egg wreath with the feathers. Very nice. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Hey shysue wondered why you havent been posting here, you have been very busy I can see, OMG! such beautiful crafts! I so love you egg wreath! very beautiful! and what nice gifts to make for your co workers! the ornaments are sooo cool did you use that program that was posted on another fourm or did you do your own thing, you must share the info, I see such cool cards made with them, your beaded eggs are sooo pretty! and thats where you got your desine,how will you use these?
Beautiful crafts indeed!

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Lots of pretties there! You have been busy. Tell me more about how you did your beaded eggs, please. They look really pretty, and I have been playing around with doing some beaded ornaments so still looking for the best techniques. Love the cones too, good way to use up lots of leftover papers and laces too. Do you hang them from doorknobs or just lay them on a table? Inquiring minds wanna know. ;o) Luvs

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very nice crafts!! I'm now trying to make an Easter Egg wreath using plastic eggs. I have a grapevine wreath and a white styrofoam ring. Can't figure which one to use. Whichever I do use, I know mine won't look as nice as yours does. What is the feathery stuff? Did you hot-glue everything onto the wreath?

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Thank you ladies for your sweet compliments. I sometimes hesitate to show something because I have seen the quality of crafts here and my things never seem to turn out that well.

To answer your questions....

Oddie, I have seen your gorgeous crafts and I am honored you like mine. I am not talented enough to make the ornaments on my own. I got the program Kaleidoscope Kreator for my birthday and am having a ball practicing making ornies. I hope to make a bunch for Christmas gifts, but for now, everyone is getting my trial ones for Easter.

Luvs, I have admired your crafts and your beautiful vignettes on the holiday forum for some time. You are a very talented lady. The eggs are so easy it is funny. Take a plastic egg, glue together with hot glue, then start glueing clear (or I guess you could use colored for a different look) faceted beads to it. It takes a lot of beads and a lot of glue, but it goes quickly.

Donnas, I just got a look at your craft pictures. I am so glad you were able to post pictures of them. Great crafts!!! The feathery stuff is just that...feathers from a boa I got at Dollar Tree. It doesn't show up well in the picture, but I painted the eggs with white glue and sprinkled clear glitter over them. When they were dry I just glued everything onto a grapevine wreath with hot glue. What would we do without our hot glue gun!

Thanks again for looking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kaleidoscope Kreator

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Shysue, you are much too modest, your crafts look just great!

Thanks for the nice compliment and the info on the beaded eggs. I had tried brushing glue on some and rolling them in tiny beads--didn't work so well. I like yours using larger beads--and I love the idea of just using hot glue--instant hold! Someone on here also suggested a glue from Joanne's called "Quick Grab" or "Quick Hold", so I want to get some of that for craft projects too.

Good that you are having fun doing all your crafts, isn't it a great feeling when you can create something? I'll look forward to seeing more of you projects.


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