Miele dishwasher bottom panel attachment

kookoo2December 4, 2012

We never did figure out why our Miele dishwasher backed up (while we were out of town and the house water supply was turned off so the irrigation guys could do some work), but after some research, I learned that I needed to remove the bottom front panels and dry out the bottom pan in order to re-set the float switch. I did that, and now it's working normally again. Now that it's been fine for several weeks, I want to replace the bottom panels, but I just can't seem to get the inner panel back into place so the screw holes line up. I thought maybe it would be easier if I removed the door so I wouldn't have to squeeze myself under it while trying to force the panel to stay in place, hold a tiny screw, and turn the screwdriver at the same time.

Any idea how I can remove the door? It's nowhere in the installation instructions, and a web search turned up only replacing the door's decorative panel - not removing the door itself.

Alternatively - any other tips on getting the bottom panel into place?

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I removed that bottom metal access panel last year, and the white plastic floater is right in the front (that is the overflow protection drain switch). If you run the dishwasher and then lift up that floater, the unit will drain and the front light will flash a code. If you then release the floater and unplug the unit for a few minutes, it will then return to normal operation.

I was able to get the metal door back on, but I think I had to angle it some and it clipped into place, then screwed the two screws on the sides.

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I had no problem finding the floater thingy - just trouble getting the panel to clip into place correctly.

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You'll be in a world of hurt, and it won't really do anything for you.

There are 2 keyed metal brackets, pull them out (note how they are oriented) there are soem tabs you push/pull to release them. Attach the black plastic to them , then push the assembly in the slots. Pulling them out really isn't necessary though. Get a magnetic screwdriver or driver tip.

BTW - those are not phillips head screws, the are Torx T-20, so you really need the proper screwdriver.

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Thanks for the warning and tips. I'll look to see if I can figure out what you mean by the tabs. And I will see if I can find a magnetic Torx T-20 with a very skinny handle (otherwise it won't be able to enter level while the door is all the way open/down).

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koodles - you don't even need to open the door, leave it closed.

see the 2nd pic here:

the release 'tabs' are the grey plastic vertical pieces just to the side of where the bracket enters the machine body.

The install instructions go over this procedure with pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of tabs

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That works for the outer panel, but the inner (metal) panel has two screws located up high, behind the lower part of the door when it is closed. THAT's why I've been having trouble!

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I've got it now.

How did you remove the facia in the first place?

What kind of door panel do you have - one from the Miele factory or one from your cabinet company ?

You're going to need a stubby T-20 driver -or- a T-20 tip to fit in a universal stubby.

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Finally getting back to this now! I don't really remember how I removed that inner panel - figured something out at the time, but then couldn't' reverse myself!

I have a Miele-provided, ordinary white door panel - nothing fancy or custom about it.

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OK - so you want to remove the white decorative door panel ??

OPen it up and look on the sides where the white panel meets the stainless carcass.

You'll see two small hole, which should have grey plastic covers on them - but they may not depending on your installer and use habits.

Remove the covers and get you Torx 20 driver and inset it into the hole - turn counter clockwise a few turns to loosen the cam. Repeat other three holes.

White panel will now lift up and outward.

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Do I want to remove the panel? Will removing the panel give me easy access to the screw holes for the inner lower metal piece that I'm having trouble with?

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Yes, it will give you better access.

I think I misread your previous post and was thinking you did not have a decorative panel installed and wanted to remove the Miele's raw door panel that would then expose the hinges and electronic units.

Removing the decorative panel is fine.

Depending on how tall your deco panel is, you may gain a few inches of working space when the door is open, with it removed.

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Here is the current situation:
The screws are actually phillips head #2 (the bit fits snugly and perfectly). I have a small offset ratchet driver with the appropriate tip that will fit into the space behind the door itself. The difficulty is how to clip the metal inner panel into place so that the eensy weensy holes line up precisely! The clips (on the bottom of the metal panel) let you snap the panel in anywhere along the bottom, so it is virtually impossible to get it placed precisely enough to get the holes to exactly line up (both vertically and horizontally). You can't see the "inner" hole as you are tipping/clipping the panel on, so even with a toothpick to help sort-of line them up, I am off a nano-inch every time.

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Now I am totally confused, I don't think there are any phillips head screws on the chasis of a Miele DW. At least not from the factory.

Are you talking about the black plastic toekick that adjusts in and out on the keyed brackets ? Those may have two black phillips screws to secure it to the brackets. We never use that piece as our cabinet toekick goes in front of our dishwashers.

Can you post a pic ? Are your leg levelers grey plastic or do you have a previous generation with metal and plastic feet that sit in black plastic leveler channels ?

Does your metal panel look like the one in kitchen_angst's picture in the link I provided above ? Those are DEFINITELY Torx 20 screws.

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