Looking for opinions about this tablet

Pooh BearDecember 19, 2013

I'm thinking of buying a tablet. It will be used for reading, some web surfing and email, facebook, youtube, maybe some word games, nothing too intensive.
This tablet is at the top of my price range.
Will I be happy with this one or should I wait till I can afford a better one?


Pooh Bear

Here is a link that might be useful: Nextbook 8 Dual Core Tablet with 8GB Memory

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For the money, and looking at the specs, it's a good tablet. Have you read the reviews at the Walmart web site? It has quite decent reviews generally. You should read some of them, including the 1-star reviews. It looks like a lot of people are satisfied, but there a number who had problems, including overheating. In this price range it's not uncommon for there to be some lemons, but as long as there is a decent exchange/replacement policy, you shouldn't be overly concerned.

I would think that since you are not planning to demand a lot of it, it would be fine. It's possible that you might get choppiness with some videos that you wouldn't get with a tablet costing 4 times as much, but I don't think that is a deal killer.

My main suggestion is to go to the store if you can and try it out. I've never bought a tablet that I didn't "audition" first. Also, besides the Walmart reviews, take 5 minutes to read the Amazon reviews below, which I thought were quite helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon reviews

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Pooh Bear

I plan on 'test driving' this tablet before I buy it. And I did read thru the reviews.
I don't need anything really powerful. That will probably change after I get one
and then wonder how I ever lived without it. But for now, just simple stuff.


Pooh Bear

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I'm a firm believer in the addage "you get what you pay for".

I think there are 3 main directions to go with tablets: Ipads, Kindles, or the upscale Androids from name companies that are more in the price range of Ipads.

Many who have gotten tablets love them and reviews of the entry level devices can be more influenced by that than by a truly objective review of the hardware.

If you're looking to stay at the lower end of the price range, I'd save up a bit longer and get an entry level/multi-purpose Kindle.

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I got my 22yr old son this tablet over the summer and my friend has a different nextbook and she also has an eviant tablet made by nextbook.

I was considering one but after playing with them they are ok but not for me. I find them a little sluggish and I had a hard time typing on my friends as the response time when I typed was lagging but maybe I am just use to my kindle fire and smart phone because they don't lag when I type.

The one you are looking at they had it in store when I got my sons so check as you may be able to play with it. My son is low maintenance so he loves the tablet.

The first nextbook my friend got does not have the google play store but uses slideme to get apps but her eviant one has the google play store which I find better.

I will say my friends first nextbook suddenly died a month after 1yr and she didn't have an extended warranty and nextbook replaced it with a new one and customer service was easy to reach and very helpful. Nextbook has a nice website to check out all the tablets and their specs.

For me I decided to wait as I want a 10inch tablet and I didn't care for the screen resolution on this tablet compared to my kindle fire or the Samsung tablets I have been looking at so I am going to spend more money for something better as I use my tablet a lot for photos and I watch a lot of HBO, Netflix and live TV on my kindle fire so that is why I want better screen resolution. I think for a basic tablet this is good and the price is great. That's my experience with them.

Oh I don't believe this tablet has Bluetooth which was another drawback for me as I want to transfer files from my phone to tablet via Bluetooth but my son doesn't care about that.

My son found a nice basic case made specifically for this tablet on amazon and my friend ordered a genric case with a keyboard from one of the shopping sites like shop NBC or some such and it works nice but still lagging to me when you type. Mary

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Pooh Bear

I'm reconsidering a tablet, as I kinda want one, but don't really need one. I still might get one, but I do plan on a 'hands on' test before I buy.

Pooh Bear

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