Chenille Bedspread- to cut or not to cut up

mjowestMarch 1, 2013

I found a nice, chenille, white bedspread, and used oxy to wash it and it cleaned up great-

I don't have a bed to display it on, sooo

the million dollar question is:

do I save it for someday

do I sell it to see if I can make more money than I paid ($7)

or do I start cutting it up for projects? (other ideas out there??!)

Help me decide, please!

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Annie Deighnaugh

What caused you to buy it? Did it bring something to mind? I suppose you can cut it apart, but I'm always worried about the durability of chenille.

I doubt it's worthwhile trying to sell it...

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well, I had hoped in five years, one kid off to college, I"d have my bed to display it...

or to cut it up for 'snowballs', or to recover a chair.

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I got a chenille bedspread for wedding gift 50 years ago, used it for years & years & washed it often & finally put it away,it is still like new. Several years ago ladies out here were making teddy bears with any chenille they could get.. Some dyed it others tea stained it to a nice beige color ,they wear very well. Don't know about "new chenille" but the old ones just never wear out. I think I recently saw some on sale at store. I don't think it "ever goes out of style" for certain decors. If you love the pattern keep It, if you don't then try reselling it. If someone has antiques in a bedroom they would love it. Jan

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