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jerry_njDecember 30, 2013

My W8 laptop is still running on W8.0 I have not yet taking the W8.1 update.

Tonight when I clicked on the W8 Tile for Weather ti came up with a banner proclaiming that an update is available and the application will not operate until it is updated. I clicked on update and was offered to pick the tiles(applications) I wanted to update, with an "all" option. I took the "all" and noted that all applications were marked as "pending". I returned to browsing and email and most seemed normal, albeit there was some of the troubling delay -- I associated it with the 32 W8 application update.

Well, now about 4 hours later, with some of the time with the laptop powered down, but most of the time the computer was in a self imposed "sleep" mode. W8 goes to sleep after a few minutes of idle sitting, this may stop everything, that is the update process may not be able to keep the computer operating - seems strange to me if that is the case.

In any case, all of the applications are still marked "pending" - what have I not done to get the update to take place? Do I need to first update the OS to 8.1? There is no such demand being made to me.

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Hi ,

Not so sure I would have taken the "All" option, it may have slowed things down. Can you proceed to just up -date the weather thing first and see how that goes.

Windows 8 should not be going to sleep just because it's idle, unless you have it set that way.
For instance:

The power plan I use is "Balanced".
I've set it to never turn off: the screen, or the hard disk.
I've set the PC to never go to sleep.
hibernation disabled.
In advanced configuration, I've set to not requiring a password after resume...

I'd be inclined to install the windows up-date 8.1 as it offers enhancements to the operating system.

When you're ready a few hints,

"You may have to launch the store once or twice before you see the Windows 8.1 Update Live Tile " if you're having trouble, try typing "ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade" into your browser's URL box but once you've found it, starting the download takes just a couple of clicks."

"The download itself may be a bit frustrating, though. The size of the update varies based on which version of Windows 8 you have installed, but it's generally about 3.5GB, so you'll want to have a reliable broadband connection."

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You can turn all that stuff off if you wish Jerry.

Click in lower right corner for the flyout
click Settings on the flyout
click Change PC settings

You can click any of the choices on the left side in the new window and in each window select what to allow or not.

I saw that update banner and when it did not want to leave until I agreed it was time for action on my part. Most are now off.

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Thanks, I'm late getting back and I forgot to "click" for immediate email notification. I wish that was the default on ccmphelp.

I came back looking for how to get to W8.1, thanks "zip" and for the other guidance.

Owbist, I have just started to get to using the W8 tile gift. I'd think otherwise if it slows browsing down. I like the weather, the initial display provides all the information I'm normally looking for, not need to click down the stack.

My normal boot up is to click the tile for Firefox which comes up and defaults to a W7-like desk top.

I'll move first to use the link to the "store"

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Not making any progress on the 8.1 update, it seems all the W8 Applications, the tiles are tightly coupled to the update.

When I click the "flyout" and pick "Applications" what looks like the set of desk top tiles appears, when I click "Settings" I get a list of the same tiles on the right hand side column, but nothing about PC Settings.

I seem to be going down a black hole.

Whenever I explore the W8 Applications they are all now marked "pending" following what may have been a screw up on my part of clicking on "update all".

I add "Stuck" top the subject line just to be sure I can post again as the last above is from me.

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My experience from a month ago on this new system left me with a conclusion. MS has dispersed v8.1 upgrade requests so as not to over flow their system. After weeks of manually trying to upgrade via the Store and being told an unknown defined error I changed the setting to "automatic: Two days later the system upgraded automatically overnight.

To support my thoughts, I just spent two weeks trying to manually connect with Windows Update without success and a specific error reported. I tried Fixit, Troubleshooter, and all the obvious with again no success. So I changed my settings to "automatic". A few days later I found the system had completed the updates. It has since checked for updates daily.


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Thanks, good to know it is not just me being stupid.. well that's not the total reason.

I have rejected at least two, maybe three, attempts by MS to update me to W8.1.

I think I am on automatic, but I shut my laptop (the only W8 I have) down at night. As discussed above W8 shuts itself down if it is left idle long enough only 10s of minutes I think. I am not sure what state it is in but I have to push the power button and input the password again to restart. It restarts where I was last active in this case, so W8 "knows" it toke the action, I didn't log off.

Happy New Year, especially to all those great folks who put answers up here, not just questions like me.

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The wait for W8.1 goes on My update is set for automatic and I have left the laptop on for over 24 hours. I have also gone to "store" several times and each time see the set of tiles marked as "pending" and the tile for W8.1 as "Loading"... yep, busy downloading. But it never changes an when I go to update from "Store" I get the dialog to update to 8.1, I click it and get the dialog to "download" and I click it. But the download appears to never start.

I have watched the "Task Master" performance for a few minutes, often, and do not see any heavy WiFi use, so I assume MS is not sending a down load my way.

Seems I am being punished for rejecting past offers from MS to update my computer to 8.1.

Happy New Year, MS

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See if you can get help at the link provided.

Here is a link that might be useful: eightforums

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Well, seems I now have W8.1 on my subject Laptop. I made numerous requests to the MS Store and left my computer on overnight a couple times, nothing. Then suddenly this afternoon, about a hour ago I get a notice that MS wants to update to W8.1. a "restart" was needed. I click go ahead and forget about doing any work while that is going on. The "you can work applied only to the download which it seems was completed without any notice on my part. But, from there it takes at least 20 minutes for Update to do its work, including a second password code being required. I agreed that the "code" could be telephoned to me. After about a 5 minute wait I went back and requested the "code" be sent to my email address... I have another computer on-line to catch the email. Got the password/code there within the next two minutes.

Some of the other "stuff" I am not yet altogether comfortable with, but what choice do I have:

1) The legal stuff seems to give MS lots of access to my computer
2) It appears W8.1 introduces "cloud" storage for those of us who have thus far gotten by just fine without it. This seems to be the purpose of the "Sky Drive" on the W8+ Set of tiles and it seems some of the operational OS stuff is backed up, but not sure I understand yet what else of "mine" is simply taken by MS and put on the "Sky Drive" and anywhere else pleases them.

The update chanced the desktop boot up desktop from a scene of Seattle with an enlarged Space Needle to a colorful circular pattern, not better but I was not given a choice.

The display on my Laptop seems brighter, maybe more HD, is that a possible effect of the W8.1 upgrade...right I didn't read the MS marketing stuff.

Well for better or worse I now have W8.1 on my one and only W8 machine: still have one W7 and numerous XP only one of which is still active.

Thank to all as I worked to get W8.1 upgrade on my qualified (free upgrade) machine.

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Right click on the Windows logo in the bottom left corner of the Desktop where the START button use to be. I find the offerings useful.

I only remember this appearing after the upgrade to v8.1. Maybe it was there in v8.0. On the Start screen in the bottom left corner there is a circle with an arrow in it. Clicking on it will take you to the Program Menu. On the menu is a like circle which will take you back to the Start screen.

Tiles/charms on the Program Menu can be pinned to the Desktop or Start Screen by right clicking on them and using the offerings on the bottom bar.

To change your Desktop open the Control Panel and select Personalization. On the bottom of the appearing page is Desktop Background. Double click on it and you will have access to changing the background.


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DA and/or Gerry - or anyone else who upgraded to Win 8.1.

Did you get the opportunity to save the file and burn to a DVD as an .iso for future use or was it installed automatically?

I share your concern Jerry re MS wanting to know too much. With some searching I found under change PC settings/user that I could do away with the need to enter a password or for MS to be aware of that action. Much happier now and not unhappy with Win 8 itself.

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If I was offered an opportunity to "burn a DVD" I didn't notice it. But I do recall reading the download for W8.1 is over 3 GB, too large for a DVD, or am I out of date on what can be put on a modern DVD?

I know when I purchased the my W8 Laptop I had to get a big memory stick to create a recovery for W8. Does this mean I need to do that again for W8.1? It wasn't suggested during the install process, or I missed that too.

I have not looked but assume W8.1 provides a means to build a recovery device.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

Concerning this: "...the download for W8.1 is over 3 GB, too large for a DVD..."

A single layer DVDR holds approximately 4.36 gigabytes as reported by Windows Explorer. Windows measures file size using base 2, where a gigabyte is 230 bytes.

That same DVDR holds approximately 4.7 gigabytes as typically reported by humans because humans use base 10, where a gigabyte is 109 bytes,

So yes, despite my confusing explanation, it'll fit fine. :)

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Thanks, I suspected I didn't remember how much a DVD holds and was thinking "not much" by today's standards. This was emphasized to me about a year ago when I purchased my first Laptop with W8 and was advised to create recovery media. Gee, just looking way back to W7 I had done the same on three or four DVDs - one was a recovery tool, the other(s?) may have been a complete backup of W7. So, I sat down with a few DVDs to backup/toolize W8 and was told I need a minimum of somethign like 12 GB (I could look that up, but think my memory is correct within 20% in any case way over 4 GB).

Now that resolved, do you/anyone know if the recovery strategy for a W8.1 update involves a supplement to the recovery W8 I already have or do I start from ground zero? The install process did not define that clearly enough for me to notice.

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W8.1 has many problems/consequences and is not recommended by most techs., I for one will have nothing to do with it. My HP tech said do not take the 8.1 upgrade.

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Aputernut13 - too late for me, others may benefit.

I put off W8.1 for several months but the W8 tiles for weather, which I like, quit working because they required an update. I may have missed it but I couldn't figure out how to update a given application - so I took the complete update.

I have not noticed any problems, just questions.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

"...know if the recovery strategy for a W8.1 update involves a supplement to the recovery W8 I already have or do I start from ground zero..."

I don't know the answer to that but I'd likely hang onto my W8 recovery just the way it is. That way, worse come to worse and I decided I didn't like W8.1 or whatever, I could grab it and go back to a clean W8.

I'd possibly still do a "from scratch" W8.1 if I had extra backup media(ZIP?) laying around. Not necessarily though, my thinking being that if I messed up my system so badly that I needed to recover the OS from backup, going back to 8 would be good enough, upgrading back up to 8.1 wouldn't be that big a deal.

Just my thinking though, which may be wrong.

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I'm perfectly fine with v8.1. In fact, the users that I have personally talked to about it don't have any problem with it either.

Different strokes for different folks.


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