Range or cooktop?

ellessebeeDecember 16, 2012

It's probably been asked many times before but I can't find the discussions! I have to make my decision very soon. I currently have a range and have been happy with it. It's a nicely styled Thermador (which replaced a Jennair cooktop and KitchenAid wall ovens that were in the house when I bought it). I don't bake very much, but I do use the oven to broil quite a bit. I also don't use many burners at one time, partly because I have a number of auxiliary electric cooking appliances (kettle, microwave, convection/toaster oven, pressure cooker etc.). I am definitely going with induction but can't decide if I should stick with a range or go with a cooktop and wall oven. The induction range selection is fairly limited (there is not one really high-end induction range available), and I require one that has the controls at the front rather than in the back, which limits the choices even more. One real pro for going with a wall oven is to be able to raise it up to eye level. But that takes away counterspace - and there's never enough of that. Since I broil a lot, I wonder if having a wall oven just a little outside the main cooking area (it would go at the end of the run about 8 feet from the cooktop) would result in over-done food because, well, out of sight, out of mind. If I have to take so many steps to check on food I just might not get there in time. So I'd like to hear other pros and cons to either approach. Need help making this decision! Thanks.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, a separate raised wall oven is more ergonomic, especially for those with back problems or even just the normal aging issues. But, it's a luxury that you pay for in lost space and a lot of extra money.

Do you have a large enough kitchen (and budget) to be able to lose 30" of counter space and to add several thousand to the cabinet budget? With a range, you keep that 30" of counter space, and you don't need to buy kitchen cabinets to house the oven and another for the cooktop. That's two extra cabinets, which does add 2-3K to the cabinet budget. More if you are in an above builder grade line.

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Viking does have an induction range, and the controls are at the front. I know nothing about this range, and I hate my older AG Viking... but anyway it does exist.

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I recommend the wall oven if you can spare the space.

I have a basic Kenmore Elite wall oven, as well as a Wolf 36" DF range. Whenever possible, and especially when broiling and dealing with bending over and maneuvering things under the high heat, I use the Kenmore. It's so much easier and more pleasant to have the oven at the perfect height.

I use the Wolf oven only as a secondary, or when baking--since the Wolf produces better results for more precise tasks like baking)--but I far prefer the wall oven.

Good luck!!

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Fori is not pleased

If you broil like I broil, you might want a range so that the range hood can capture all the smoke. :)

You can put a wall oven under a cooktop so that you can get your "really high-end" appliances in about the same spot as a range.

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