cutting an image from a photo??

cindytxMarch 1, 2009

Could someone give me a basic tutorial for cutting a person's head out of one photo and placing it in another application - please?? never done it and don't really know how to begin.

I'm trying to take a friend's head and place it on over the head of a clipart leprechan.

Thank you!!


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not good with how toos, depends on what program you would be useing, can you post the photo here and the clipart, I could save it to my computer and give it a try for you, or maybe someone else could help you,havent used my programs much so it takes me a bit of playing to remenber how I do something.

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Thank for offer Oddie, but I have five 6-7 people (photos) I'm hoping to do this to. I have Photoshop CS3 and tonight finally got one face cut out, but with a white background. I need just the face with no background color and can't figure out how to do it.
I'll keep plugging along!

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sorry Iam not good with photo shop, I think theres a couple people who work with photos who have helped me maybe if I can bump your post back up someone might be able to help you.

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Cindy, I have paint shop pro so the language may be different, but you should be able to "select all" which will select around the edge of the whole image (the white background) Then you "invert" the selection and it will select the face in the middle. You can tell that its selected in PSpro cuz a moving dashed line appears around the edge. If there is a selections menu in photo shop play with it. In PSP I can then export the selection with a command in the edit menu. I'm sure photoshop has something very similar tho the words may be a bit different. If you have a manual look under selections. Thre are also photoshop groups (I assume, since ther are tons of PSp groups) with expert in photoshop who would be glad to help you.
Good luck. Hope this helps.

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