Product to secure' berries' ?

joyce58March 23, 2009

I have several large ball shapes that are covered with artificial, tiny styrofoam "berries"..I got these on Ebay but they originally came from Smith and Hawkins... Anytime you touch the berries, they fall off and it is quite messy...Can anyone suggest a spray glue or related material I could use on the balls so that those berries stay in place?

I hope I have described the item and problem well enough for someone to suggest something that I can do!

Thanks in advance.

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Gosh I don't have a clue. Only answering cuz I didn't want you to think no one cares aboutyour post!

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I have had pretty good luck RE-securing thingys (technical term there), with my low temp glue gun. It is pretty tiny and it's "nose" fits in small spots to glue things.
You could also use a drop of glue on the berry and put it in place with tweezers. HTH

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By tiny, I'm guessing smaller than bb's.

Glue often eats styrofoam. I'd go to Wal-Mart or one of the craft stores and look in the spray paint section for clear spray paint. Spray the a test ball a section at a time where the paint isn't dripping off, but isn't just a fine mist either. See if that sticks. If nothing else, it might provide enough coating until you could modge podge a layer over it without melting the styrofoam.

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I'm reading this to see what solutions are offered too. I had bought some candle rings at Christmas and the berries were dropping off like crazy too. Luvs

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