Will I Pad be useful with only Wi-Fi

chas045December 10, 2012

I had never even considered getting an I Pad or similar because I assumed that the service charges would be extensive above and beyond the initial prohibitive expense. The whole point seems to be to have all these cool apps etc. I hear that some apps are free and others are not that expensive and only one time purchase anyway.

We do carry inexpensive cell phones via Consumer Cellular (cheap service via ATT) but we are in the country and are in an almost dead zone so the cell phones usually don't work at home. However we do have 3meg DSL and are very close to the phone distribution box besides.

Our son thinks we should go in together and get the wife (his mom) a nice I pad mini. He tells me that for most activities, Wi-Fi is all that is needed for a wireless I-Pad to do most stuff. So the question is: is he correct? And am I missing some other point that I have not covered? She normally uses the computer for email now.

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Someone who has an ipad can give you a better answer than I can but I can tell you that when my grandkids visit they connect to my wifi with their ipads and they wouldn't bother if they could get better connections some other way.

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Most people I know who have an iPad (or any other tablet) use it on WiFi. There are iPads and other tablets that can also use a cellular data connection. It's certainly a useful feature to have but it is far from essential and is probably most beneficial to those who travel frequently.

Frankly, I think a 7" tablet is a little small to be used as a desktop or laptop substitute on a regular basis, especially for web browsing. I also think that the iPad Mini is a bit pricey. I'd suggest spending more for a full size iPad or looking at one of the 7" Android alternatives like the Nexus 7.

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Thanks guys, and yes mike I was and am concerned about the small size issue, but the smaller size would fit in the purse and it has the cool factor to consider. I have a feeling that I would still find her hogging the main computer for some or a lot of her emailing. The main computer also has great sound that no tablet could match.

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My brother has one. His son works for apple and got it for him for father's day and he does not pay for a data plan and gets along fine with wifi only. Mary

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Wi-fi is all I use and it's tons of fun. :) So many public places offer wi-fi now that it can be used almost anywhere.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 Plus that I bought in January specifically so it would fit in my purse for easy carry. It only has wi-fi and the size comes in very handy. When I go away, I don't have to lug my laptop and I have it configured so I can get my home and work emails. I also downloaded the wi-fi finder app which is helpful. I don't have an issue browsing on the 7" screen, but wouldn't use it as my primary browsing tool. Again, I love the portability.

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I have both an iPad and a laptop, but use my iPad most of the time.
It is so much faster to connect to your email, Facebook or the Internet. It's also so much easier to take on a trip - smaller size and lightness in weight is a big plus.

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I bought myself the ipad mini for Christmas and just got it set up yesterday at my brother's who has wifi. I got the wifi only on mine as I don't want to pay for any cellular plan and with so many free wifi spots, it suits my needs when I take it with me and fits in my purse. Love it, but still a lot to learn! :)

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