Funky flip flops

mamax3March 27, 2007

Hello all,

I am new to this site (usually at the decorating site). I hope I am posting this in the right site.

I have to make some funky flip flops for my Bunco party and have no clue as what to do. I thought about gluing some sea shells or using some yarn but that is it. So , any one here has a good suggestion for making these flip flops funky and interesting. Thanks inadvance

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I';m sorry that I don't have a suggestion - but - I've always wondered what a Buncko party was . It sounds so cool !

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Some suggestions for the funky flip-flops - colorful beads, sequin, tiny faux flowers, use some of those scrapbooking decorations that are 3D, glitter (make swirls or other design first with hot glue then sprinkle the glitter onto the hot glue). Have fun, please post pics when you're done, would love to see what you came up with.


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I saw flip flops at a craft sale this past summer. They used strips of fabric that was torn into 1/2 inch wide strips (tearing gave them a raggedy edge). They folded the strips in half, placed under the flop straps, and put the cut ends through the loop (where the fold is) and pulled to tighten the knot. This is the kind of "knot" they use to make latchhook rugs. They used enough strips to cover the entire strap and they were really cute. Wouldn't cost much either...and would take about 1/2 hour I would guess from start to finish. You could choose your choice of funky by the fabric you used.

Never heard of a Bunco party...

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They'd be cute if you could find some kind of little tiles that looked like dice. Have you seen the flip-flops with silk flowers glued on? Or the flowers from funfoam?
I didn't check the links above so not sure if they were mentioned yet. Also a gal in town was doing flip-flops and tied balloons in a knot very close together on the tops of them. They were cute, she co-ordinated some with the flip flops and others were multi colored. She had black with lime green, black with red, white with multi colors etcetc. They would be easy to do!

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The first link I posted does have the balloon ones on it.

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Thanks everyone for your replies and ideas. And evelyn-craftdiva thanks for the warm welcome and all the great sites. i love the caveman and am planning to go to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get the stuff...ballon one is my second option. I will post pictures when I am done. thanks again sooo much for the warm welcome.

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