Don Gardner Southerland or Arbordale Plan

moonlily12November 28, 2009

Hi -

I'm so excited to have found this forum! I've been trying to work on our house plan all by myself for almost a year! We are building The Southerland/Arbordale plan by Don Gardner. I merged the two plans together because I liked certain aspects of both plans! We purchased the Arbordale plan but had to shrink the house to fit on our lot, so the inside has a bunch of elements from the Southerland plan.

Has anyone else built one of these plans? If so, do you have any advice about things you changed or didn't like about the plans once you built the house? Also, does anyone have any photos of either of these floor plans?


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Welcome and glad you found the forum also. I know it has helped me tremendously.

I am building a hybrid of the Southerland & the Brentwood. And even at framing, still made some decisions of moving a wall here or there.....

I love everything we have done so far but we are far from finished. I know someone here has built the Brentwood, so you might search for that and get some inspiration also.

Best of luck to you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Build in Pictures

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wow-what a great website! I love the idea of keeping everything recorded online to share with friends and family...I think I'm going to steal your idea :) We live in Florida but a lot of our family is in Maryland so the site will make it easier to share the progress with them.

I love, love, love your house! That's exactly how I want our house to look with the big porch on the front. How exciting to see it all come together. We just cleared our land and now we're in the process of getting a construction loan...but I'm super excited to see it all in process. It's so hard to visualize everything from just a floor plan! I wish there was a model home that could tour :)

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We built the Southerland too.. a beautiful home! We only lived in it for 6 months.. and sold it (2 yrs on the market!)

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here is the link to the virtual tour the Realtor had (home is now sold)

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We are almost finished with our build of the Southerland.
We took out the french doors in the front. We extended the back porch on each end and pushed it out 2 more feet. We lengthened the garage. We also took out the doorway into the kitchen that was in front of the stairs.
We absolutely love it!!!
Good luck on your build. I am attaching the link of our forum for you to see our process.

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