last pic for now

donnas_gwMarch 1, 2008

here's my scare-a-crow pumpkin (guess that's what you call him). I posted him back on Halloween, but the picture wasn't as good as this one. I think he needs more rafia or a hair trim.

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They are all so sweet Keep sharing!!

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Cute,love that Pumpkin/scarecrow.

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thanks! I made him several years ago using a McCalls craft pattern. I do alot better with crafts using a pattern and sewing machine. To be honest, I never knew craft patterns existed until I started working in a fabric store back in the 90's. All I cared to do was sew for myself and my girls. I guess in all the years I've sewn, I never bothered to look in the back of the pattern books to notice the crafts. I'm not that great at free-hand crafting. The ghosts were cute. I had difficulty getting the wrinkles out of the fabric on the heads, maybe because I covered the styrofoam balls with batting first, I don't know. I finally said "that's good enough" LOL

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This is very cute. I could even see putting him on a broom handle and sticking him in a bale of hay too. So glad you figured out the picture posting so we can see your creations. Luvs

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oh yes sooo cute! love the colors and how you decorated him, beautiful job!
on the ghost my GS and I made,we didnt cover the ball with anything frist, just draped cheese cloth that was dipped in fabric stiffner, but thats the fun of crafting make it your way!

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I wouldn't have thought of that luvs, but it sounds like a cute idea! Oddie, I thought of getting the cheese cloth but I found white fabric at Walmart for only $1.00 a yard, so I bought that instead.

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