Tell me how you like/dislike your drawer refrigerator

Linda37160December 24, 2012

I was thinking on buying one as a second refrigerator mainly to keep fruits and veggies in. Also to help out the other side of kitchen for refrig access.

How do you like yours and would you buy another one. AND what brand do you have.

Thanks for the replies Linda

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I have a counterdepth Kitchenaid single door bottom mount freezer. I love opening the refrigerator door and having everything in full view as opposed to bending down to see the contents of a top mount freezer.

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I assumed Linda's question was about refrigerator drawers, not regular refrigerators. Is that correct, Linda? If so, I don't have them, but would be interested as well in responses from people who have one, and how they like it...

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I too am hoping those with Refridge drawers will post....

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I saw these in a friend's kitchen - but the reality is the cost was much higher than I expected - I thought of putting in our pantry but ruled it out.
If you have space and $$$, go for it! My friend has the KA version - 2 drawers - one is fridge and the other a freezer

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Oops! My bad, too much egg nog :)

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I love my refrigerator drawers by Electrolux. They are capacious, hold a steady cold 36 or 37 and are quiet. They are so convenient to keep traffic out of the cooking area and into the eating area as well as keeping overflow produce and baking stuff and drinks for company. It's everything I could have wanted. Its easy to pull out a drawer:I could not crawl on the floor to search for stuff. They were advertised as being 6 cu. ft.

For a bit, it was freezing lettuce but that's b/c dh and I each fiddle with the controls. He can't have his cokes icy enough-which harms the produce. We have peace now.

Downside was the price-about $2k. I spent more on the drawers than on our main fridge-our big splurge. We so love it. Electrolux.

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So how big is regular refrigerator? I am thinking about getting a 36" refrigerator and then supplementing with the drawers on my island. I've noticed that a few people with 54" or 60" refridges also have these drawers, but I am not sure I need that much space!

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Firsthouse, our main fridge is LG fd. 36" wide, 25 cu ft of fridge space and a nice amount of freezer space(can't remember the freezer amount). We do have a freezer in the basement.

Depends on your needs. Teenagers? Vegetarians needing lots of produce? My dh and I used to fight over his obsession to have lots of icy cold cokes, even tho he only drinks two per day. And somebody's butt was always looking in the fridge while I was frantically trying to cook. And we had an old narrow, small sxs. If I buy too much produce, I just pile it up in the drawers.

My big fridge is 34.25 inches deep, including the handles.

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We've put one in our new kitchen on the "non-work" side of the island at our beverage center area.
I'd assumed that I'd go with a SubZero as that's what we chose for our main fridge and I've got a huge loyalty thing going with SZ after having a trouble free fridge for over 25 years.
But when we went appliance shopping, I was shocked that the SZ drawers were substantially smaller than the Kitchen Aid. The height difference in each drawer was several inches and it was enough to mean that wine bottles and our glass milk bottles couldn't be stored standing up.
Since our main use is as a beverage center/bar fridge this was a deal breaker.
Kitchen Aid and Jenn-Aire seem to be identical as far as I can tell other than a different color interior. The JA was about 175 more and had a shorter warranty so I chose the Kitchen-Aid.
We've used it for about 2 weeks now and as a bar fridge, it works fine. I don't know how it would keep greens, produce etc.
There is a pretty noticeable hum when they're cooling but nothing awful. I do wonder if the SZ would have been quieter, but still wouldn't have made a different choice. The drawers aren't self close and don't exactly "glide" so with a big load of heavy drinks you have to be sure that the drawers close all the way. Same with the freezer which is down so low. The alarm that lets you know that the drawer is ajar is VERY useful.... with 8 people in and out of the drawers almost constantly over the holiday, we heard the door ajar chime several times!

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I have two refrigerator drawers by subzero, it's actually the wine refrigerator with two drawers below. It is one of my most favorite things in our kitchen, we use ours to store juice, milk (in glass bottles, they fit), beer, cokes, water etc. one is deeper than the other. With two kids, they are in and out all the time and it is perfect when we entertain. No drawbacks... Love them.

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I found a downside to my Elux drawers. There is no 'door open' alarm.

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I really like the thought of these but not sure I can swing the cost of a refrigerator, a wine refridge, a beverage refridge and also these drawers....thinking that the bev refridge might be the substitute for these. I am wondering whether I'd use the bev fridge or the fridge drawers more.

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We have True refrigerator drawers in our prep area to hold all the fruits and veggies. I love it. It is absolutely quiet, very well made with stainless interior, soft closing drawers. Having everything right at hand when making a salad is a dream. We put panels on so they are fully integrated. I chose these and went with a 30" fridge/freezer that does not have enough room for all the produce my garden generates.

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susancc, your set-up is smart, a beverage only zone.
Is there ice and a sink nearby?

carolml, stainless appliance interiors speak to me, too!
What's your overall kitchen style

Keep posting!

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