What is 'beef base' ????

soozJanuary 5, 2008

I have a recipe for a delish salad dressing I tried in a local restaurant, but one of the ingredients is beef base.

What is it?

Where do I get it?

Can I make it myself?

Is it like beef stock?

Is it a liquid?

Is it that beef soup boullion starter stuff in the little jar from Trader Joe's and you scoop it out by the teaspoon?

Thanks for any help!



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Beef base can be powdered or paste. I like "BETTER THAN BOUILLON" beef base, which is made from roasted beef and concentrated beef stock. It's found in the same section as soup/bouillon cubes/stock/broth. One teaspoon of Better Than Bouillon is equal to 1 bouillon cube or the 8-oz. jar is equal to a can of broth.


Here is a link that might be useful: Better Than Bouillon

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And...yeah...it's pretty much that stuff you get at TJ's that you spoon out of the little jar...some brands taste better than others though.
Linda C

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I just bought some at Penzy's in beef and I am going back for the chicken and seafood flavors. It is a thick paste type and very good.

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I bought the chicken flavor of Better Than Bouillon and tossed it out after one taste... It tasted rancid to me... But then I can't stand canned chicken stock either...


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Rita: Canned Chicken Stock? Do you mean like, College Inn?
I've always used the one in the can that you spoon out,it's crumbly.
It is Tallarico's Chicken flavor soup base, Made in Bethlehemm, Pa.
It gives a good flavor to my Chicken Wedding Soup.

I have been using this type of Chicken Soup Base since the 60's but
at that time you could only get it from a restaurant supply.
They also make a Beef Soup Base. Don't use it much.

I don't know if it is in your area.

I'll have to try Better Than Bouillion. Maybe you got a bad batch???

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Wondering ... aside from the recipes that specifically call for beef (or chicken) base, what do you use it for? Do you simply add a spoonful to stews and sauces? Would you use beef base in meatloaf or other dishes made with ground beef?


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I use Better than Bouillon also, and have chicken, beef and vegetable in the fridge. I find them extremely salty, and the recommended dosage of 1t per cup to be very strong. My most used is chicken, and while I don't mind the taste I'd say it's a far cry from real chicken stock. I liken it to the difference between Lipton chicken soup mix versus chicken soup at a good restaurant or diner. As a result, I often use it when a recipe calls for a quarter cup of stock or something (where I won't mind the extra salt and flavors) but I'd never use it as the basis for a soup.

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Ditto Fenworth, very salty stuff. If I use it as a flavor enhancer, I make sure there is no other salt added.

May we see your recipe?

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Thank you, everyone, for the input and links!

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I don't think I have ever seen a product like that here. Maybe it's on the shelf and I just have never had the need for it.

Why would I want this product instead of beef or chicken broth?

I do have lots of homemade demi glace in the freezer which I use to enrich sauces and gravies...is it like demi glace?

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I keep beef and chicken base, Costco has it, to use as a soup base. I think that brand is used by restaurants, I think Minor's. I don't use that much chicken or beef so it comes in handy to add flavor to rice and other dishes. There's also a vegetarian base. I tried Better than Bouillion but it wasn't that good. I also add the salt after the base as they do have more salt than what I use but it is diluted in water. It's a real time saver for me. And, yes, I'm sure all the prepackaged foods do use these soup bases like Lipton soup, I think that's all it is with a few noodles.

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Lou, College Inn, Swanson, store brand canned chicken stock, it doesn't make a difference, all I can taste is the can... I'd much rather use regular Herb-Ox bullion if I need a bit more flavor... ( the no sodium chicken isn't all that good, the beef isn't bad though... )

I may have got a bad jar of Better Than Bullion but I won't try it again because if it can go rancid it will if I buy it... Did I tell you my real name is Murphy Murphy? LOL

P. S. I wasn't all the salt either, although there was enough that it 'burned' my tongue... And I've been known to add salt to my potato chips... lol

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Sharon, check the soup aisle in the stores and look for either Maggi or Knorr brands. I have bought both in Toronto over the years before they could be bought in the US. In fact, I bouhgt a giganourmous sized bottle of Maggi in Toronto's Chinatown district about 20 years ago

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Rita - College Inn, Swanson, and others sell them in boxes, too. Maybe those would taste better to you? I prefer homemade as well of course, but given how seldom I get around to making it and how little freezer space I have, I'm very frugal about using it. As for bases going rancid, I've never experienced this and I know I've kept some over a year, refrigerated, with no problems. After that I throw them out, just like everything in a jar in my fridge, just to be sure.

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Oh OK , now I know what this is , thanks Peppi.

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Rita: That's why I use the Chicken Soup Base.
I think most of the restaurant's use it but then I'm not up to date.
I used it many moons ago, up till now. I even put some in my Spaghetti Sauce.
Murphy ???????

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