Ribbon Belts

thelmaleeMarch 12, 2007

Has anyone made the ribbon belts. I am always looking for some new ideas and thought these would sell at craft shows. Do you use two layers of ribbon and how are they sown together?

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I did a search and found one site that tells how to make these, I will post the link,hope its what you are looking for.

I remenber these from years ago, have never made them but they apeer to be in style agine, most I saw was real cute, I think they would be a good seller, you just never know till you try, come back and tell us if you make then, would be a quick craft to make.
Happy Crafting

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Thanks Oddie. I plan to sew two ribbons together to have a different look on both sides. I don't like the hem on the end but don't know any other wan to do them. I have a show April 28 and will let you know if they sell.

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