USB cable problem

davestexasDecember 8, 2012

Recently I bought a new home weather station to replace an old one that sensors are not made for anymore.
New station came with a 4' long USB cable. It is way too short, so I bought a USB cable extension. It does not work. The 4' cable has has a mini connector to the console and a PC connector. 4" from each connector is some sort of 'fitting' the cable runs through. The guy at the electronic store said the extension cable should work does not and I'm wondering what those fittings are for and if that is the problem/why the extension doesn't communicate? The fitting look like a choke or maybe a capacitor...I don't know tho.
Any ideas would be great! The manufacturer of the station does not show any USB cables being sold at their website, so I'm kinda at a loss. I can't rearrange anything to make the short cord work due to sight and space available.
Thanks for any help


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PKponder TX

It's probably a ferrite bead used to suppress electronic noise. I'm not an electrical genius but I understand that it offers 'electrical noise' protection to either the computer or the weather station and is likely a good thing to have. Did you try one of the USB ports on the back of your computer? I understand those to transmit more power than the ones on front. Another thought would be to try connecting without the extension first in case there is some sort of 'device discovery' that needs to take place. If that is successful, maybe try the extension. It could also just be a bad extension, did you try it with another device?

Best of luck!

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I'd argue the notion of you not being a genius. Used the rear USB port, then plugged the short cord into the extension. Voila!
I appreciate the help, thanks!

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