waterproof glue sticks?

pcbuttMarch 24, 2010

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew if the glue sticks you buy at walmart are waterproof? Thanks for any advice.


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Not sure what you mean,but yes they are.Water just runs off them and they don't absorb water either.What is it you're wanting to do with them??

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yes, in the sense that they do not dissolve if you leave them in water for a week... I think they're a plastic, not a proper glue...

they're not very good as glue, though - if one of the objects is porous (paper, cloth), it will tend to swell, and loosen enough to make it unstable.

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They sell them at the dollar store.....better price! Yes...waterproof...

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Lot of" hot glue" melts if in area of hot sun so it can take rain but not sun! Jan

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