Removing Candles

lovestoquiltMarch 3, 2006

Anyone have a way to remove the last bit of candle from the bottom of a jar? I have saved 4 candle jars with different shapes and lids. I want to use them for flowers or candy...something. I soak the jars in hot water in the sink but didn't melt it enough to dig out. Microwave would be great except they have a metal wick plate on the bottom.



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I've heard of putting them in the freezer. It's suppose to make them "pop" out easier.

Good Luck!!

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I heard the freezer solution too.

just a hint (from Martha) put a little bit of water (1/2 inch?) in bottom of container. Add to it if it starts to dry out before all the candles has burned. No more stuck candles.

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How much wax is left? Can you pry out the wick tab?
If you can get it out with using a butter knife, then you can micro it.
However if you can't get it out, simmer the candle in a saucepan of water, to melt the wax. Pour the wax into an old tin or soda can to cool and toss in the trash.
Wipe out as much melted wax as you can, then use soap and water.
It may take a few warmings in the simmering water if it's paraffin wax though, to get all the residue out.

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I have used the freezer method on mine. 9 out of 10 candles will pop right out. The one I had trouble with is a container (square) that I bought where the candle had been made in the glass jar. Will not pop out. :o(

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You may want to try a blow dryer and just keep wiping it out with papertowels. crafty12b

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If you have a heat gun that's better.
You can "burn out" a blow dryer doing stuff like that.
Ask me how I know.
I'd still use the pot and simmering water method.

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Here's what I do. I have an old cookie sheet that I use just for this. I put a bunch of layers of newspaper on it. I then take the container(s)and turn them upside down in the middle of the cookie sheet on top of the newspaper. Turn the oven on low for about 20 minutes. I then use pot holders to pick the container(s)up and wipe them out with paper towels. Works every time. Try it!!


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Freezer for a few days works for me. Just remember to pop them out using a hand towel, in case the glass might break. It never has for me, but I'm careful. If it doesn't pop out, nudge it with the point of a paring knife.


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I understand what you say about having the wax stuck all over your candle holder. Have you considered changing the brand of candles that you are burning? Candles made with paraffin and other chemicals not only stick to the holders but also emit harmful soot and other ingredients into the air that you breathe. Have you ever burned a Mia Bella candle? They are made with all natural ingredients and will not stick to the holders. Any residue left from the candle can be easily removed with hot soapy water!! The link to these all natural scented candles can be found below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scent-A-Licious Candle Co.

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I hope cathytx has an electric oven, wouldn't put newspapers or wax in a gas oven even on lowest unless I had already turned it off. Just don't want anyone getting hurt!! Oh with xmas baking coming up I want to tell you to keep wax paper long ways away from burners. I finished packing my cookies & left the wax paper on counter as was going to frost some other ones. But needed to boil some water. Wax paper was a least 8 in. from flame, well it shot over to the flame & flames shot up to hood I dumped over water I was going to boil to get it out. That was very scarey. It shoots flames up like a torch. wax paper just "flew" over to the flame. I could not believe that that could happen so now you know too!! I had had wax paper that close before & nothing happened for 40 yrs. Electric stove might also "attract" the wax paper! Jan

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I had some this past summer I wanted to remove candles from. I simply took them outside turned them upside down with newspaper underneath and let them sit in the sun. The left over candle bit fell right out and there was very little to wipe out.

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