cleaning glass stovetop from electric stove

halley_roseNovember 16, 2012

We bought a home with an electric Amana range. The stovetop is stained, with what appears to be boiled over food or water on it. We've tried everything to remove it. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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Razor blade scraper.

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Did you try a cooktop cleaner like Weiman's (or other brand)? I used the Weiman's with their "scrubby" pad, and the cooktop looked like new.

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I've heard that those Mr. Clean magic erasers are good for cleaning those glass top stoves, but probably more for maintenance than the crusted on stuff you are describing. Good luck, I hope you can get something to work!

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If it's been chronically neglected it's likely permanent. As mentioned above, razor blade and cooktop cleaner. Brand makes a difference. In my experience Whink is the the best but I can't find it anymore. My store replaced it with Weiman's which I like least of the three I've tried. Ceramabryte ranks in the middle.

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