Fairy Jar sideshow

oddieMarch 11, 2009

Oh my, was not a easy project, even with small hands, addded a scent called heavenly to the moss in the jar, covered with netting so you can enjoy the sent, found a cute short poem to put on the tag, would love to have one with my grand daughters name, if anyone cares to write a poem for me, her name is Isabella, we call her belle for short,she will love the jar when she see it I am sure just because its her.

Thanks for looking


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thought I would add a still photo so you can see the little stars on the blue sky, little humming bird stickers, the log the fairy is setting on also has a butterfly, tiny roses in the moss and added glitter for some bling.
the larger photo shows that I have a humming bird upside down,Iam still wondering how I got them in the jar halfway right, hope my GD doesnt notice.

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Oddie, I am so glad you posted the picture here, I couldn't get Photobucket show, said I need Flashplayer or something.

She is a little doll, and you did a wonderful job creating the little jar. I love all the little details like the stars and hummingbirds, the wand and crown. Really cute.


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Thanks luvs, maybe I should post the other photos in case some can not view the sideshow.


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oh,it's just BEAUTIFUL, Miss Oddie. I love all the extra details. Has she seen it yet? I bet she loves it. i just got myself some silk flowers to pretty up some i'm making. you know, now everyone will want you to make them one!

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thanks kudzu,glad you liked my fairy jar, you never said how hard these were to make, getting all the little things in the jar just right gave me fits! looks so easy on the videos LOL!
on the outside of the jar, I used tulp pearl fabric paint, and sponaged it on then used glitter glue in silver and done the same, makes the outside of the jar sprakle, I set the jar by a small heater to dry, and it sora bakes the finish, wont say its on for good but I tried and couldnt remove a spot I had to much on, just a idea to try if you like.

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Oddie, I love your fairy jar!!! She's adorable!!!

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